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The Corporate Law Academy (TCLA) is an educational platform; we provide online training to help aspiring lawyers excel in their legal careers. It's also a community where students, graduates and future trainees come together to share their experiences and rely on each for support.

Our goal is for TCLA to inspire and support aspiring lawyers in their legal careers. We want more candidates to see the legal profession as accessible, no matter their background or circumstances.

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Our premium subscription provides high-level training and resources to help aspiring lawyers prepare for a career in commercial law.

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  • A Green Light at the End of an Oil Pipe – Covid-19’s Impact on the Energy Industry
    The energy industry directly provides a significant source of revenue for many law firms, particularly for the “go-to” firms in the energy sector, such as DLA Piper, White & Case, and Vinson & Elkins. However, the growth of the global economy and of virtually all other sectors is interlinked with energy to some extent, meaning that all law firms will be impacted by the success or demise of the energy […]
  • Guide to Private Equity
    What is Private Equity? A Guide for Future Lawyers
    Private Equity, Private Equity, Private Equity; how often do we hear this “buzzword” thrown around? How often do these two, apparently simple words, cast an aura of doubt (amongst the less financial-savvy of us of course), whenever they are spoken? How often have you seen them in big bold letters starting back at you in the front pages of the FT, almost challenging you to keep on reading? And how […]

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