Mock Interview

Vacation scheme or training contract interview coming up? We are here to help you prepare.

How do our mock interviews work?

Our mock interviews take place via Skype and last for one hour.

Who are the mock interviewers?

Arun Sohan-Pall completed five vacation schemes at leading international firms and converted all of them into training contract offers.

Feedback from Students

  • Fezan
    Jaysen is one of the most knowledgeable and friendliest advisors working in this field! His advice is clear and simple and he shows real understanding of a candidate's strengths/weaknesses. I cannot recommend him enough. My best wishes, F
    Paralegal at MC firm
  • Kavi
    Hi Jaysen, I hope you are well. Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help as I was offered a place on the CMS vac scheme following my assessment centre! The mock interview you set up for me and the CLA in general, were by far the most useful resources I used when preparing (even compared to my University's career service) so thanks again! Kavi
    Future CMS vac schemer
  • Bonnie
    Hi Jaysen, I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for the fantastic work you are doing here and on the Student Room. I got a TC offer from Ashurst this morning (still in shock!) and without a law degree or any vac schemes under my belt, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have happened without all the helpful advice that you've put out there. I'm sure it has helped so many people, not just me - so well done and keep going!
    Future trainee at Ashurst
  • Lottie
    Jaysen's help with my application was incredible. He generously dedicated his time to helping improve my app, looking at 2/3 drafts and offering his comments which were really helpful. I feel I submitted the best application to date and am actively looking forward to hearing back from the firm. Thank you so much!
  • Lewis Malkin
    Following a rejection post vacation scheme from a silver circle firm this summer, I began my September by commencing the long and arduous application process for the second time. Unfortunately, following a number of interviews it felt like I was destined for another round of multiple rejections; I continued to find myself coming unstuck at the assessment centre stage and it was not until I was put in contact with Jaysen that my fortunes began to change. I went into my first ‘session’ with Jaysen not really knowing what to expect. From the first minute, Jaysen made me feel really at ease and I felt he was genuinely interested in getting to know my struggles and woes. This was followed by a discussion of some potential questions that I could be given during my upcoming interviews and I was frankly astounded by his detailed knowledge of each firm. Working together, we were able to analyse my whole interview strategy and devise a few more techniques that gave me back the control as the interviewee.

    Ever since chatting to Jaysen, I have managed to secure a winter vacation scheme with a major US firm and have a number of other assessment centres lined up. More importantly however, Jaysen has given me back the confidence I lost in the summer and I now feel ready to face these challenges head on. We have all faced rejection at some point during the process of applying to law firms, and sometimes you just need a little extra push to get you over the line. Jaysen to me was that push. I am truly grateful for all the help he has given me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to a friend.
    Lewis Malkin
    Trainee at Baker Mckenzie (6 vac schemes)
  • Sophia
    After receiving countless rejections, finding and signing up to The Corporate Law Academy has definitely increased my confidence when applying for a Training Contract. Upon receiving feedback on my application, I was surprised at the amount of effort that Jaysen had put in to his response. Taking the comments on board, I produced a second draft and Jaysen was more than willing to take a look. Jaysen’s recommendations are always detailed, clear and very constructive. The same can be said for his weekly commercial awareness articles. I would definitely recommend The Corporate Law Academy to anyone wishing to improve their applications or interview techniques!
    London School of Economics
  • Nicholas Ioannou
    Ever since I first met Jaysen, I have admired his keen willingness to help students. Whether it be by answering queries, reviewing applications or sending commercial awareness newsletters, Jaysen has been on hand to do it all. I was relatively sceptical about getting in-touch with Jaysen at first, as I did not know what to expect. However, I put those thoughts aside, since I could tell that he genuinely wants to help students, and he has proved to be a great aid thus far. I remember when Jaysen reviewed my first app, I was in shock as to the amount of detail and effort that he put into the feedback. I believe I replied, "wow, even my uni careers office don't go to that much trouble." Likewise, when I received a rejection email, Jaysen was there to offer console and remind me that it's all a part of the process. Though I am yet to secure a training contract, this is my first cycle of applications. I have no doubt that I will be able to edit this post in the near future, stating that I have been offered a TC, as a result of Jaysen's help.
    Nicholas Ioannou
    University College London
  • Derrick Tan
    You must have received countless gratitude messages by now, but I am still determined to write you one. Thank you for what you do and being as selfless as you are. Everytime I feel like giving up, your words have the inspiring effect to pick me up. You are truly a star!
    Derrick Tan
    University of Leicester
  • Ibtisam Arif
    All the best with all this - You have become a true inspiration for me and If I ever get in a position where I can make the kind of difference you are making it will be because of you.
    Ibtisam Arif
  • Arun Sohan-Pali
    What took me by surprise about the application advice was that every sentence was treated with the utmost importance. When a string of well-structured sentences come together, it makes a monumental impact on how the application reads as a whole. Jaysen refused to let anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant, go and the result is the strongest possible representation of yourself in front of recruiters, which is ultimately the end goal.
    Arun Sohan-Pali
    London School of Economics
  • Sylvester Tan
    I attended the training session. Jaysen was incredibly insightful down to the last detail and even provided guidance to us on how to approach applications and interviews. Jaysen was very genuine and personal in helping me with my application review and provided me with detailed recommendations line-by-line. He responds quickly and is very approachable and reliable as he understands what it was like to be a student. I would recommend him to any student who wishes to improve the quality of their applications.
    Sylvester Tan
    Vac schemes at Clifford Chance, Weil and Winston & Strawn
  • Ugo Onwumelu
    The “How to apply to Weil” training was very insightful. I think what stood out for me was the detail of the answers to our questions. For instance, the answers not only focused on what makes Weil an interesting place to work but also highlighted its difference from other US-headquartered firms. Such examples included the fact that Weil works for both the banks (lenders) and the private equity firms borrowing from the banks, something that some of its peers do not do. Furthermore, the application checklist that Jaysen gave us after the training session was both an added value and an embodiment of care to help us succeed. It strengthened my resolve to apply to Weil!
    Ugo Onwumelu
    University of Westminster
  • Ulyana Habka
    I found your answers quite useful as it helped me to understand a bit of the firm’s culture (by speaking to you and your colleagues) and to get an insight into the work you do on daily basis. I learnt about an early responsibility and what is expected of a trainee or how to make a good impression on your colleagues.I found you and your colleagues very friendly and open – minded. This is important when deciding where to apply.
    Ulyana Habka
    GDL Student at BPP