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The perfect preparation for your next vacation scheme or training contract interview.

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Our Mock Interviews

Refine your technique and maximise your next opportunity to impress at interview with help from a TCLA instructor. Book a 1-hour virtual Mock Interview for £50 (or as little as £30 as a TCLA Premium member) and gain the confidence and techniques that are essential to success at the highest level.

A Mock Interview with TCLA gives you the chance to be tested under timed conditions by interviewers who have excelled in the training contract process across multiple law firms. We have been running this service for three years, and we prepare for these interviews as if we were participating in the interview ourselves. This is your chance to get the most tailored preparation in the legal market.

Our Interview Philosophy

We strongly believe that the best way to prepare for a law firm interview is to simulate the real thing as closely as possible. Knowledge is only one aspect of what’s needed to excel at interview. The ability to respond to challenging questions and present yourself well under pressure is often what distinguishes one candidate from another.

We believe anyone can be trained to perform exceptionally well at interview. With enough deliberate practise and the right training, we can support candidates to overcome any barriers they may have faced in their journey so far.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of the right connections or much experience of ‘law firm etiquette’, our Mock Interviews can hone your technique and give you the skills and confidence to achieve your potential. Even if you have not secured an interview, TCLA Mock Interviews can be an extremely useful component during this stage of your career journey. Around 1 in 3 TCLA members who book Mock Interviews have no upcoming interview but simply want to acquire these valuable skills, challenge themselves and reap the wide ranging benefits of this service.

If you are not securing enough interviews and you would like to improve your conversion rate from application to interview, give our Application Review service a try.

How Mock Interviews work

Our virtual Mock Interviews take place over Zoom and are run by TCLA instructors with a track record of success from interviews at the world’s most demanding commercial law firms.

They will tailor your Mock Interview to the firm you are applying to and the specific interview you can expect to have. For many firms, we have information about the kinds of interview questions that candidates have been asked in recent cycles.

Our Mock Interviews are designed to be challenging. We may pick up on the points you mention, highlight any discrepancies in your application and press you on commercial issues. Our approach will help you to answer challenging questions so you’re well-prepared during the real thing. However if you’re new to the process, be assured that we will listen, encourage and support you, and tailor the difficulty to your experience and current capabilities.

You will receive direct feedback on your performance throughout the interview. At the end, we will also provide you with a summary and clear next steps for you to work on. If appropriate, we will help you to reformulate your answers to make them even stronger.

Standard Mock Interviews

We will tailor your 1-hour interview to the specific firm you are applying to. We’ll begin with a discussion about your background, strengths and weaknesses, and your prior interview experiences, and then practise a combination of firm-specific, competency, scenario-based and commercial questions. This format of interview

This format of interview will test:

  1. Your motivations for becoming a commercial lawyer and your reasons for applying to a particular firm
  2. Your ability to sell yourself and convey your suitability for a firm through a variety of competency, situational judgement and scenario questions
  3. Your composure, confidence and communication skills

Case Study Inteviews

We will simulate a case study interview by giving you one of our mock case studies to read 30 minutes before your interview. These case studies are based on real law firm assessments at the leading commercial law firms, and will test your ability to think on your feet, stay composed and answer challenging commercial questions under timed conditions. Ultimately, the goal is to fast-track your commercial awareness and teach you how to hold your ground in the challenging partner interviews.

Go Premium for up to 40% off

Although anyone can book a Mock Interview, a TCLA Premium subscription entitles you to discounted rates. Gold members are entitled to 40% off using the coupon code “GOLD”, while bronze members are entitled to 10% off using the coupon code “BRONZE”. Please note that if your membership level is not eligible for the code you use, your booking will be cancelled.

Book a Mock Interview

If you would like to book a Mock Interview, please follow the booking instructions to the right of this page. Once you select the type of interview you would like, you will be able to see the availability of the mock interviewers.

We will also ask you for information about your needs and give you the chance to upload any relevant documentation.

After you have completed your booking, we will send you a confirmation email containing a Zoom link.

If you have any questions about the mock interview service, please contact [email protected]. If you have questions about your booked mock interview, please contact Chloe at [email protected], or Mahesh at [email protected].


How do I book my Mock Interview?

Please follow the instructions on the booking form on this page, next to the “Book a Mock Interview” section. Once you select the type of interview you would like, you will be able to see the availability of our mock interviewers and upload additional information. Kindly note that members must book through the website rather than via email, even if it is a repeat appointment. This ensures we can record and manage the mock interview service.

Who will conduct my Mock Interview?

TCLA’s Mock Interview service is run by Chloe and Mahesh.

Chloe is a future trainee solicitor. While pursuing her law degree at the London School of Economics, Chloe received four vacation scheme offers from leading US law firms. After completing her LLB and LPC, she is due to begin her training contract at a top US firm in the summer of 2023.

Mahesh is a trainee solicitor, having graduated with a law degree from the University of Oxford. He completed three vacation schemes and secured four training contracts at leading Magic Circle, US, and Silver Circle firms. He began his training contract at a Magic Circle firm in February 2021.

What kind of feedback will I receive?

You will receive direct feedback on your performance throughout the interview, including your ability to justify your motivations, differentiate yourself as a candidate, and present yourself. At the end, we will also provide you with a summary and clear next steps for you to work on.

I cannot find my Zoom link?

TCLA’s Mock Interview Service takes place via Zoom. You will receive your Zoom link in your confirmation email after booking. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find this and email [email protected] if you run into any issues.

How much does a Mock Interview cost?

Both types of Mock Interview are £50 to non-members, £45 to TCLA Bronze subscription (10% off) and £30 to TCLA Premium Gold members (40% off).

Can I reschedule my Mock Interview?

You can reschedule your Mock Interview through the confirmation email you receive if there is more than 24 hours notice before your session is due to begin. If we do not have 24 hours notice, you will not be able to reschedule the Mock Interview and must pay the full price if you are unable to attend.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel or request an amendment to your booking up to 24 hours beforehand and we will issue a full refund. However, because of the commitment we require from our TCLA Mock Interviewers and the related cost, if you wish to cancel within 24 hours, or you do not attend for any reason, you will not be eligible for a refund.


The interview prep provided was very useful and tailored to my situation. The process of helping me improve on my answers and picking holes in my examples definitely helped me secure a TC. Hands down the best interview prep I have received and will definitely be referring people to do the same!


The mocks were extremely helpful both in terms of content feedback and boosting confidence. Arun gave broad general and specific personalised advice. Some questions were challenging and this prepared me well for the real interviews. There was a lot of flexibility to cover what I wanted to focus on. I would recommend it to anyone with an upcoming interview/assessment centre or anyone who may have one in future and just wants to practice interview and commercial awareness questions.


Arun was really personable and made me feel at ease. I felt that the session was really structured and well thought out and I received invaluable feedback and confidence which really prepared me for my interview. I have since gained an interview for the second round stage for a training contract and I would definitely use the service again and would also recommend this to anyone who is applying! Thanks again 🙂


Arun took time to understand my up to date experiences and then tailored the interview to my needs and worries. I was glad that it wasn’t about answering preset questions but rather about getting deep into issues I could encounter in the real interview; it helped me to gain the confidence I needed! Thank you.


Arun is great! He picks relevant case studies and helps you prepare holistically. You’ll definitely be more confident going into your interviews after preparing with Arun.

Starting the journey towards securing a training contract is scary because I did not know what to expect. I want to take time out to thank both of you for your extreme efforts to make the process a lot easier. It provided me with an insight into what I could expect at an assessment centre. Also, it made me realise how I can utilise my time further during the lockdown to increase my commercial awareness. The sessions enable me to apply my prior knowledge to scenarios and develop my team working skills virtually. It is incredibly useful receiving a guide after the session summarising the key points. It meant I could concentrate during the sessions and have a guide to look over and further my understanding to help me prepare for the real thing. I love hearing both of your experiences, especially Alice’s, regarding interviews and appreciate how you both provide tips throughout the sessions. Once again, Thank you!

The mock was a great interview refresher and it was monumental in my preparation to secure a late-summer vacation scheme (rescheduled due to Covid-19). Subsequently, I received a training contract offer at a top 20 firm commencing in 2021, as well as a full sponsorship for the LPC/LLM course. Thank you Arun and The Corporate Law Academy Team. Keep up the good work!


Hi Jaysen,

I hope you are well.

I thought I would drop you a line to explain why I have decided to cancel my TCLA premium subscription, just in case you thought it was due to dissatisfaction with the service I have received. That is certainly not the case. Rather, I have recently received a training contract offer from Travers Smith and will be accepting the offer.

When I started using TCLA premium earlier this year, I lacked a lot of confidence in my ability to write a convincing application, my ability to assimilate complex commercial topics and my all-round ability to navigate through the TC process in order to actually obtain an offer. However, I began to use TCLA premium for hours upon end each day throughout lockdown 1.0, from the law firm insights you provide in order to better tailor my apps to the various courses you offer aimed at demystifying the elusive notion of ‘commercial awareness’ just to build up an arsenal of commercial aptitude that would leave me in good stead for AC’s and interviews, and my confidence began to dramatically swing in the other direction. I began to get past the application stage in the vast majority of my apps and I began to believe in my ability to perform exceptionally at the AC/interview stage. TCLA has undoubtedly been instrumental in allowing me to unlock my true potential and iron out deficiencies in my all-round approach to the TC process that had been holding me back for years.

I could not be happier with the service I have received and it is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you for your relentless efforts to continuously provide such a first-class service that really does have the capability to change lives.

All the best


The mock was super useful- I found it to be challenging but those challenging elements were exactly what helped me perform well during my actual interview. I would recommend it to anyone with an assessment centre or interview coming up!

The zoom session has thankfully restored my confidence in my ability to perform in case study exercises! I usually dread case studies exercises during assessment centres, but the session has showed me that you will go far from articulating your thought processes clearly. Thank you very much! Would highly recommend this to anyone with upcoming AC’s!

Arun has helped me tremendously, I couldn’t have secured a vacation scheme at Dentons without his help!