Written Exercise (M&A)

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Many assessment centres at the leading law firms involve a written exercise. You must write an email, a memo, or a letter to a client. You have a short time frame to analyse the issues and provide a clear, structured response.

But how do you structure the written exercise? Should you include headings? How do you know whether you are adding in enough detail, while presenting the information clearly?

The purpose of our law firm written exercise is exactly this. Based on real law firm written exercises, you will practise how to structure a written answer, analyse legal issues, and deliver advice under a strict time frame. You will receive actionable feedback on exactly what to work on, so you know how to excel in the real thing.

You will also receive our Guide to Written Exercise, produced for 2024/25 to teach you how to write an outstanding written answer, approach different types of case studies, and common traps to avoid.

Written Exercise (M&A)

This written is best suited to those of you who are preparing for a written exercise where you will receive many documents in a short space of time. It is a due-diligence focussed exercise, teaching you how to identify issues in a variety of legal and commercial documents, and provide advice to an acquirer.


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