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  1. L

    Irwin Mitchell VI question help

    Hello After years of applying I finally got my first Video interview. Please could anyone who has completed it let me know what kind of questions they ask. I applied for direct TC. Thanks
  2. G


    First year LLB student here. I feel like I'm aiming too high given my circumstances. I did not score well in my A-levels (BCC final grade and A*A*C in AS) and my GCSEs weren't anything amazing either (4Cs, 3Bs, 1A* and a distinction in spoken English). I obviously don't come from a RG university...
  3. B

    CC Ignite TC Application Questions

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone could advise whether I need to talk to graduate recruitment about this. The questions on the online application system are: In no more than 250 words, what are your motivations for applying to Clifford Chance? You may wish to include any relevant...
  4. j.s.cox

    My Training Contract Journey

    Hi everyone, I'm Jiya. This year I am trying to improve my commercial awareness and success at AC's as these are the areas I fell down on last year. I will achieve this by: Completing at least one lecture of the courses offered by TCLA each day to have a continuous top-up of general...
  5. D

    TC Offer accepted - have read that firm is in merger talks. What should I expect?

    Hi all, What it says in the title. Offer has been received and accepted. Final contract won't be sent and signed until nearer my start date. Have read firm may be in merger talks. What can I expect if the merger goes ahead? Am I at any risk of losing the TC, or anything like that if it does...
  6. Mohamed Ashour

    Ashour's Journey to a TC

    Ashour's Journey to a TC I'm glad to be joining TCLA today and Kick start my plan to a TC as of today I'll be applying to NRF, CMS and Ashurst with the latter being my first choice I planned my application and chose deadlines to each app NRF = 10th of NOV CMS= 25th of NOV Ashurst= 15th of DEC...
  7. N

    Scared to apply to TC

    Hi, So I am new on this forum. I just thought I come on here and share how I am feeling at the moment. I genuinely am scared of applying to Training Contract's in fear of rejection and not getting anywhere. But more so afraid of that I am not clever enough and lack confidence. I am a shy...
  8. Diamond

    White and Case 2024 training contract

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had heard back from White and Case for the 2024 direct training contract applications. The deadline was July 2022 and I’d like to know if anyone has gotten an email about their application.
  9. Jessica Booker

    TCLA Direct Training Contract Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23

    Hi everyone, With a new recruitment cycle starting in the next few weeks, we thought it best to start a new master thread to discuss direct training contract applications for the 2022-2023 application cycle. Useful Links TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23 | The...
  10. S

    Should I accept the TC…

    Hi everyone! I really need some advice… I’m a career changer who has done the GDL. I (now I think naively) applied to two firms in this cycle, being certain of the firms I thought I wanted. My application for one of the firms was successful, for which I am really grateful, considering how...
  11. Jones

    Advice needed - Should I commit to LPC in September (self funded)

    Should I commit to the LPC in September at ULaw? Some context about me and my situation: A) I do not have a training contract, and this is my first round of TC applications. B) I attend a non russell group university and will be graduating this year (2022). I graduated first in my year (1/170...
  12. L

    Are TC application rejections always communicated? Is no news good news or bad news??

    Hey All, I've applied for a couple of 2024 TCs and for some I haven't yet heard back for a while. Should I be worried? Is no news good news? Do firms usually communicate rejections or no? Thanks for your help guys!
  13. C

    Bad A Levels - will this stop me obtaining a Training Contract

    Hi, To skip to the point, I did terribly in my A-Levels. I achieved CDD. At the time I was going through quite a rough patch and was in somewhat of an emotionally abusive situation. However, I recognise that I am responsible for my own learning and achievements and understand that there is no...
  14. D


  15. T

    LLM Grades Question

    Hello everyone, I am currently completing an LLM at a top 3 UK university. I have a first class LLB degree from a top 15 UK university and some relevant legal experience. I am on track to achieving a merit overall (there’s still a chance it could be a very high pass), but my grades are most...
  16. S

    KMPG LAW Assessment Centre

    Has anyone done an assessment centre with KMPG? Do you think it's worthwhile training at an ABS, also with the SQE route?
  17. P

    Irwin Mitchell Vacation Scheme & Training Contract Application 2024

    Hi all! This forum is for sharing information regarding the Irwin Mitchell Vacation Scheme & Training Contract (2024) application process. The purpose of this thread will be to: share updates on status of applications; share insight re: Application / VI / AC; and encourage and motivate one...
  18. P

    Kennedys Training Contract 2023

    Hi all! This forum is for sharing information regarding the Kennedys 2023 Training Contract application process. The purpose of this thread will be to: share updates on status of application process; share insight re: Application / SST / VI / AC encourage and motivate one another throughout...
  19. G

    One sector focused TC vs Multi-sector TC

    Hi, I'm interested in the energy sector, and can potentially shape my entire TC around energy by completing seats in energy-focused practice areas such as Energy Finance, Corporate Energy, Energy Disputes, and a secondment at an energy client. I assume that by the end of the TC, I should become...
  20. S

    How to Explain Rejections in Interviews?

    Hi all, would appreciate some insights in the matter. I have previously completed some vacation schemes at international law firms, but did not convert them into any training contract. I am quite sure in the coming HR and/or graduate recruitment panel interviews, the interviewers will be quite...

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