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Feb 25, 2021
I have just written my first draft for an open day application and I was hoping to get some feedback on it.

Please use this space to outline why you would like to attend an Open Day with Shearman & Sterling (London) LLP. (250)

Meeting Shearman & Sterling (Shearman) at The Legal Cheek Law Fair, I was interested to hear that the firm’s London office was not seen as just a satellite office. To me, this appears to set Shearman apart from many other US firms, since it indicates trainees have the opportunity work on deals won by the London office in its own right. It is important to me to train at a US firm which recognises the value of its London office as highly as its US counterparts, and attending an Open Day with Shearman would offer the opportunity to hear more how the London office operates within the wider infrastructure of the firm.

I am also keen to attend an Open Day with Shearman to discover more about trainees’ experience within a small cohort of only 15. I am an individual who learns best through exposure and enjoys taking initiative with my work. Currently, my understanding is that the small trainee intake means trainees are trusted with greater responsibility early on. Attending an Open Day would offer the opportunity to ask questions about how this small intake translates into trainees’ day-to-day work.

Finally, I wish to attend Shearman’s Open Day to gain a deeper understanding of its practice areas before applying. Shearman’s expertise is Finance and M&A is clear. However, after independently reaching out to a trainee on LinkedIn, I was interested to learn about her enjoyable experience in the firm’s impressive infrastructure practice. Shearman’s Open Day would offer greater insight into the firm’s full-service offering.
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Nov 5, 2019
Do you know who is eligible to apply for an Open Day with Shearman? Is it just first-years or something, or can graduates apply?
Hi @YJyj

The open day is open to everyone (undergraduates, postgraduates, graduates etc) who is interested in knowing more about Shearman & Sterling. We do have an event specifically for 1st year students called Head Start - so that might be a better option for people who are only starting to think about a career in commercial law.

There is more information about our opportunities in this video:

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