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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Hi All,

    For premium members, we have just updated our application database! With almost 300 successful applications made to approximately 70 leading commercial law firms, TCLA’s Application Database gives you the chance to learn by example.

    These applications will give you an unparalleled insight into:
    • Common themes across successful applications for law firms – helping you understand what each individual firm values;
    • Different approaches to answering uncommon application questions – helping you understand what the focus of your answer should and shouldn’t be;
    • Writing work experience and extracurricular summaries – helping you understand demonstrating your transferable skills more effectively; and
    • How candidates have capitalised on their experiences to convey strong motivations for the role – helping you understand the art of linking your own unique experiences to your motivations
    The application database comes with the option to filter according to firm names, year applied, position applied for and the stage the candidate reached (video interview, vacation scheme offer, or training contract offer). This will allow you to find the most suitable application to reference based on your needs. View a snapshot below (please ignore the point about Amazon Giftcards):

    Existing premium members can use this link to access the database.

    Please note that while we wholeheartedly encourage learning by example, TCLA has a strict no plagiarism policy (more details in the TCLA Premium forum), which we expect members to adhere to at all times.