Applying to winter vacation schemes in my last year of a non law degree


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Jul 27, 2022

Hope you’re good! I’m currently going into third year wanting to get a training contract/ vacation scheme in a London city firm, hopefully magic circle. I go to Durham University currently going into third year, doing PPE.

I’m just concerned about my grades - I averaged a 65 in my second year with a 71 in one module with two modules being 61 letting me down. In first year I averaged 61, and I’m hoping to bring my average up to 70+ to secure a high 2:1 or first class degree.

In terms of work experience I have a couple of criminal mini Pupillages including one business crime one, won a debating competition at uni, have mooting experience and hosted a news show and news investigation on our student radio station. Also used to be youth mp in sixth form and won an award for this. Don’t have any internships but a Morgan Stanley three day work experience in 2019. Also doing forage internships this summer. Have good A levels as well: A*A*AA.

I was wondering what my chances of getting a winter or summer vacation scheme in my final year are in magic circle or silver circle firms in London given this background? I know a lot of people apply with firsts or high 2:1s in second year , I know I could’ve done better just put effort in the wrong places and really believe that I can pull it up. Also wanted to know what the difference between taking an accelerated law degree and a GDL is as I am doing a non law degree ( PPE)?

Any help would be great.
Thanks so much!

Jessica Booker

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Aug 1, 2019
It is dependent on your first-year module grades (individually) and also your A-levels (or equivalent) but nothing from your academic profile is concerning based on what you have said above.

If anything the bigger obstacle for you might be explaining why commercial law when you have done lots of other types of work experience (barrister/politics/IB)
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