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    Hey all,

    I just wanted to know what everyone thinks is the best way to ask for work. I've heard some people say that going around your department knocking on doors and asking isn't good but I've also heard some people say they think this helped them land a TC.

    Other people have told me its better to reach out to someone when you're genuinely interested in the work they're doing so I'm a bit confused as to which would be the best approach to take.

    Would be great to hear some thoughts

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    I would take guidance from the firm. If the firm expects you to "find work" - I'd recommend going finding it! Other firms may be more rigid and expect your supervisor to provide you with work. However, I have known supervisors to run out and then suggest going to X or Y for work.

    I wouldn't overthink it too much. Be enthusiastic, work hard, look interested. That would seem to be the recipe for success :)
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