BCLP Training Contract Interview 2019

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    The drafting exercise was about investing in [redacted] (was it a good investment, what was its position in relation to competitors and how it could improve/work on its competitive advantages?). It was definitely time pressured (1 hr and around 8 pages), but was really doable and the actual content was easy to understand, especially in comparison to some other written exercises that I have done. Also, we got to type, which was new and really useful.

    The role play was the part where I think I did best (but I don’t know for sure). Essentially a partner asks you to present your findings from the written exercise and then plays devil’s advocate on whatever you say. Some of the other candidates had really hard questions; mine were pretty straight forward, but she did try to challenge everything I said. Keeping a cool head and taking a minute to think is definitely required here. It is only 10-15 minutes, so it flies by.

    The negotiation was pretty standard. We concluded in about 20 minutes, which was really good. There was an element of maths, but the rest was really simple, surrounding issue between a [redacted]. However, my negotiating partner did dominate throughout and didn’t always give me the chance to say much, which I was annoyed about. But I think that may have been noticed and I did just try and speak as much as possible, even if that was reiterating points she said in a different way. I think this was my weakest part, but again I can’t know for sure.

    Finally, my interviewer was lovely and just asked classic questions (why BCLP, why commercial law) – quite a few scenario based Q’s on legal excellence and managing relationships (like what do you do if a senior partner is treating you badly)?

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