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Bristows Training Contract Interview 2019


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Bristows Training Contract Interview 2019

    Thank you to @Hida74 for kindly sharing this.

    First round interview
    - Interviewed by a senior associate and partner. I was told about my interviewers in advance.
    - 1 hour interview followed by a tour of the offices with a trainee solicitor.
    - Interviewers focused more on my application and work experience
    - Why did you decide to go to X university.
    - Why did you decide to do X work experience.
    - Why law?
    - Why not banking or consultancy?
    - Why Bristows?
    - What is IP law?
    - Why are you interested in IP law?
    - How would you fund a cancer research project?
    - What concerns will a private investor have?
    - Unlimited liability vs limited liability?
    - What are the data protection issues for law firms?
    - Should big tech companies be regulated? (Facebook)
    - Is freedom of speech being restricted too much? (Debate)

    Second round interview
    - Interviewed by two partners on the trainee recruitment committee. I was told about my interviewers in advance.
    - 1 hour written task followed by a 1 hour interview.
    - Written task: provided with news articles on the GDPR and then had to advice a client via email on a GDPR related issue. (1 hour is enough time to get through the articles and draft the email)
    - Why did I get X grade in X module?
    - More commercial questions in the interview.
    - Why commercial law?
    - Why Bristows?
    - What makes Bristows different to other firms?
    - IP questions - 2 items look very similar (potential IP issue), made by different companies but are sold in the same store. Is there a case?
    - What other firms have you applied to/are going to apply to?
    - Situational questions - You are a trainee solicitor at Bristows working late. You don't know if something is correct in the document you have come across and you need to send it to the client by tonight. No one is in the office to answer your questions, what do you do?
    - Situational questions - You are a solicitor at Bristows on your way home. You see the counsel for the opposition on the train with confidential files open for the public to see, what would you do?

    This candidate is happy to answer further questions about the interview process. You can PM her for more details.

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