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DLA Piper Interview 2021


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Aug 26, 2020
Please state the month/year you interviewed at the firm.
May 2021

Please specify what the interview was for.
Dubai Summer Internship 2021

Please give an overview of the day with approximate timings.

11am GST quick Meet & Greet over video chat,
11:30 am – 3:30 pm interview, case study and group task, order is different for each person. I started with the group task, followed by case study and then the partner interview.

Please provide a summary of each assessment on the day with approximate timings.

Group task: You're put into a group and given a provided with some information based on which you are provided some time individually to come up with ideas. You then have a chance to discuss those ideas in a group and finally the group needs to agree on an idea which then needs to be presented to a Graduate Recruitment representative and some partners.

Case study: You are given a document (commercial case study contains financial statements as well) with lots of information and you have an hour to go through the information and prepare a short presentation of about 10 minutes summarizing the information and come up with answers to the questions posed in the case study.

Interview: It was about 45 minutes long with a partner. The partner who interviewed me was extremely nice. He made me feel quite at ease. The questions were testing your motivation for DLA Piper and competencies.

What is your best advice for each aspect of the assessment on the day? Please break this down for each assessment. This can include advice for preparation, as well as tips for the day.

Group task: Try to call people by their names to show empathy, you're being assessed on how you work within a team. Try to pitch in as much as possible and try to provide new ideas and not just build on others’ ideas. This was something which was told to me in my feedback call as well.

Case study: This was quite a challenging task but do remember that the assessors are aware of this of this fact. I would recommend brushing up on your commercial awareness particularly basic company/ business law concepts and maybe getting a bit familiar with financial statements such as balance sheets not too much in depth just a general idea should be good. Also keep a word document or notepad open next to you while presenting something you can refer to just in case you miss out on any of the factual details.

Interview: For this I would say try and think of DLA’s values and competencies they look for amongst candidates and try to prepare unique examples for each of those. They are quite big on the values so would be good to refer to them in case of some questions.

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