Hello everyone.


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Aug 11, 2022
Hello everyone.

I am an incoming penultimate law student (also an aspiring commercial solicitor) from Hong Kong. I have worked in corporate and commercial litigation departments in local law firms. Looking forward to connecting with like-minded people here or anyone from Hong Kong because we are all in the same boat, haha, hoping to gain practical insights using TCLA bronze membership resources. I have dm-ed TCLA quite a few times before asking about the membership plan on Instagram but unfortunately, I have not received any responses.
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Jul 13, 2022
Hey Jackie,

So great to hear that you are looking forward to connecting with everyone here on the forum!

Apologies that you haven't heard back from us sooner, I will direct message you now with our different membership options for TCLA Premium.

However there is no pressure to pay and sign up to Premium! Here on the forum there are many different threads on application advice, interview guidance and general discussions with your peers where you can receive and provide support to one another, without having to pay for anything.

I hope you enjoy the community, feel free to let me or any of the team know if you have any queries! 😊

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