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Law Firm Application Guides, Interview Database and 1:1 Training Contract Calls


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Hi All,

    We have been actively working to update the content we have within TCLA Premium. Here is a selection of the latest updates to premium over the last few months:


    New Law Firm Application Guides

    We have written 10 new law firm application guides, which can be found in our updated "Law Firm Profiles & Application Guides" course.

    The goal of these application guides is to provide a thorough breakdown of how to think about each of the application questions, step-by-step. This includes:
    • What we feel the question is looking for
    • How to approach the question (How did we research the firm? How did we pick apart the question etc.)
    • How to make your answer to the question stand out
    • Our top tips for this application form
    In each guide, we have provided sample application snippets to demonstrate the point we are making.

    1-1 Training Contract Calls

    Every month, Gold members can book a 1-1 call for training contract advice. New slots open up on the first of every month, and it's your chance to discuss anything related to the application process, from mapping out a strategy to seeking advice on particular assessments.


    Interview Database*

    This is a growing database of questions asked by particular law firms in live interviews. It can be found alongside our database of 300+ applications.

    Commercial Awareness

    Legal News Analysis*

    It’s not easy to stay up to date with the latest stories in commercial law. How do you understand the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the legal sector, or the business strategies of law firms? In the premium forum, our Legal News Analysis is designed to provide you with access to reliable resources, allowing you to engage in insightful commercial discussions on the legal industry.

    Commercial Interview Discussions*

    What commercial topics do I need to know for my interviews? That’s one of the most common questions we are asked, and here is our solution.

    In these premium threads, the TCLA team kicks off a discussion on the most interesting and interview relevant commercial story. We help you understand the technical terms, consider mock interview questions, and provide you with a detailed analysis of why the story is relevant to law firms.

    Curated Forum Content*

    As TCLA’s free forum continues to grow in size, some of the most valuable information posted on our most active threads is quickly lost among the multitude of new posts daily. We’ve noticed that this has made it increasingly difficult for members to locate discussions on specific firms, application questions, or other topics. Exclusive to Premium members only, the TCLA team provides a monthly update containing summaries and links to the best posts from the main forum - ensuring you never miss the best of our users' advice and discussions.

    * Note, these links will work if you have joined the TCLA Premium forum.
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