Reed Smith Vacation Scheme 2018

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    Reed Smith Vacation Scheme 2018

    How did you find the Reed Smith vacation scheme?

    Very packed schedule, first 1.5 days were just induction and various workshops. Sat in two departments (corporate and innovation). People were lovely, everyone was really friendly and encouraging. Ended up playing with the firm softball team. Socials included a crazy golf evening, dinner at burger & lobster, and drinks at Dirty Martini as well as an in-firm drink social. I would have preferred more times at our seats but we completed a lot of different useful exercises such as a mock employment tribunal and a negotiation workshop which was engaging and enjoyable.

    What were the vacation scheme assessments like at Reed Smith?

    Second last day of the scheme was a half day assessment day that involved a case study, group exercise, and competency-based interview.

    What advice would you give to future vacation schemers attending the Reed Smith vacation scheme?

    Read up on the firm's recent deals and new initiatives. Make sure to ask questions and always be enthusiastic and engaged, even for the boring workshops! Get involved in socials such as sports teams while you're at the firm if you have an interest in sports and make sure to be polite to everyone from Partners to support staff as everyone can relay feedback to graduate recruitment. Double and triple check all the work you submit and don't be afraid to take the initiative to introduce yourself to everyone on your floor.

    On average, what time did you arrive and leave each day?


    How much were you paid for the Reed Smith vacation scheme?

    £330 a week.

    How would you rate your overall vacation scheme experience?

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    I've completed the online application, and SST test. I've spoken to Graduate Recruitment and they've said the next stage are some research questions, but there is no mention of this on their website. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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