Securing a Training Contract - With Harry Clark and Gordon Chung

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    Securing a Training Contract - With Harry Clark and Gordon Chung

    I hope you're all doing okay. I know this is a very uncertain and scary period.

    We've decided to make our latest course free for all aspiring lawyers - you don't have to be a premium member to access it. Simply enrol here:

    The advice in this course is honestly incredible. Harry and Gordon are fantastic teachers, and I really hope it helps you in your journey to securing a training contract.

    What is this course about?

    Since securing their training contracts, Harry Clark and Gordon Chung have helped thousands of aspiring lawyers across the country to pursue a career in commercial law. In this course, the two Baker McKenzie future trainees have come together to share their best advice for every stage of the application process.

    In the first section, Harry and Gordon discuss their journey into commercial law, including how they dealt with feelings of imposter syndrome and self-doubt along the way. You’ll learn how they picked themselves back up from rejection by having a long term vision and focusing on achieving small, regular goals to get through the hard times.

    In the second section, Harry and Gordon share the biggest lessons they’ve learnt from their application journey. You’ll learn how identifying your unique selling points and seizing seemingly insignificant opportunities can help you to craft your ‘story’ at interview. You’ll also receive practical advice on how to write effective cold emails and use your network to create your own opportunities.

    In the third section, Harry and Gordon tackle how to write an application that stands out. They break down their approach to a variety of application questions, from justifying your motivation for commercial law to selling your experiences in a way that distinguishes yourself from other candidates.

    The fourth section is all about interviews and assessment centres. You’ll learn techniques for a range of assessments from case study interviews to group and written exercises. Harry and Gordon also explain how to show your passion for a firm in partner interviews and how to draw upon your journey to give a convincing interview.

    In the fifth section, you’ll learn about personal branding and networking. This includes how to effectively make the most of LinkedIn and other online and offline sources to interact with firms and boost your applications.

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