Taylor Wessing Interview 2022

Elizabeth K

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Jul 6, 2021
Please state the month/year you interviewed at the firm.

February 2022

Please specify what the interview was for.

Summer Vacation Scheme 2022

Please give an overview of the day with approximate timings.

9 - 9.15 am: ID check
9.15 - 9.30 am: Welcome speech from graduate recruitment team
9.30 - 10.30 am: Group assessment
10.30 - 10.50 am: Break
10.50 - 11.50 am: Commercial interview
11.50 - 12 pm: Break
12 - 1 pm: Competency based interview

Please provide a summary of each assessment on the day with approximate timings.

1) Group assessment (40 min)
We were given written scenarios of approximately 6 or 7 pages long, including a general scenario and a section specific to each individual. We were asked to a) read the documents, b) provide a summary to the group, c) discuss the possible options and d) give our opinion on which is the best course of action. Within the 40 min, there was no time limit for each person but it was suggested we spend 10 min reading and the rest on discussing. One of the candidates designated themselves as the time keeper.

2) Commercial interview (30 min prep, 30 min assessment)
We were given a scenario of around 3 to 5 pages long and were told to assume the client was calling for advice. We were asked to a) provide advice on an immediate response, b) discuss what the next steps would be and c) discuss where Taylor Wessing can help the client. Additional information was given midway through the interview and as questions were being asked.

3) Competency based interview (around 60 min)
The questions asked were:
  1. Present yourself
  2. Having researched Taylor Wessing, tell us why this firm is of interest to you
  3. Tell us about a time when you worked as part of a team
  4. Tell us about your organisation skills, and in particular how you organised yourself in your studies
  5. Tell us about a time when you showed commitment
What is your best advice for each aspect of the assessment on the day? Please break this down for each assessment. This can include advice for preparation, as well as tips for the day.

1) Group assessment
Try not to repeat anything that is in the general scenario, unless you are the first speaker (and do not know what information is in common, what is not). Try to summarise your issue as concisely as possible to allow for other people to speak and do not forget about giving your recommendation on the issue.

2) Commercial interview
For this is it very important to know the firm as well as possible and I suggest going on the website and listing all the different services the firm offers, and in which sectors. From there I was able to tailor my answer to the client’s needs. Ideally, also try to show commercial awareness by discussing how one of the client’s responses may be affected by an ongoing global issue or how Taylor Wessing can specifically help in relation to an issue which may be affecting the client’s sector.

3) Competency based interview
Prepare yourself for follow up questions on your answers. Make sure you know how to present your experiences in the best light and take your time when answering - do not hesitate to say to your assessors that you need a moment to gather your thoughts. If you have leftover time, ask questions to your assessors to show interest or to say anything else you wish to say.

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