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Taylor Wessing Open Day Application


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Sep 22, 2022
Hi everyone!

I am currently drafting an application for an Open Day at Taylor Wessing and this is the question they are asking:
  • Why would you like to apply for an open day and if successful, what questions would you put forward to one of our lawyers? (500 words max)

I wanted to ask you advice on how I should structure my answer: (i) should I first answer the first part of the question, that is why I would like to apply for an open day, and then write my questions as bullet points, or (ii) can I mix those two parts and include the questions within my paragraphs about why I would like to apply for an open day? And if I go for option (i), should I divide the two parts equally - 250 words each - or can I use most of the word count for the first part and only write 3-5 questions at the end?
I was also wondering whether I should mention a specific lawyer's name or 'one of our lawyers' simply means anyone at the firm.

Thank you for your help and good luck to all of you!

Jessica Booker

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Graduate Recruitment
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Forum Team
Aug 1, 2019
Hi @lavanyanayar

I don't think you need to name specific lawyers as it's unlikely you will be able to pick and choose who will be answering your questions.

I would focus more of your word count on why you want to apply. You could integrate your questions into your reasons for applying as you have suggested, although it may be a lot easier for the graduate recruiter to copy and paste questions out of your application if they are more seperate.

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