TCLA General Discussion Thread 2022-23

Jessica Booker

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Aug 1, 2019
Hi, quick question about paralegal roles. If I were to take a 10 month ftc paralegal role but then decide to leave early, would I be allowed to do this?

If I am allowed is this frowned upon within within the industry and could there be any comeback for me immediately or down the line?

@Jessica Booker @AvniD
Yes - anyone can leave a job early; you just have to work your notice period.

It will be frowned upon by the people you are leaving behind in the team you are working with. Externally no one would know the reasons for you leaving unless you told them - they wouldn't even know the contract was 10 months unless you told them.

If you were leaving to start the GDL/LPC/SQE or your training contract, then there would be no issue at all. If you are leaving just to jump from paralegal role to paralegal role and you did this more than once, then your ability to commit to a job could be in question at some point.

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