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    I'm writing an answer for Norton Rose Fulbright. Their question is:

    "Tell us about a project you have recently worked on as part of a team. Describe your role, the outcome and what you learned. (150 words max)*"

    I absolutely hate the word project. It suggests it has to be something fully-fledged that you dedicated yourself to for some time, right? So, is writing about my role in a negotiation exercise at a law firm insight day, not approaching the question correctly?

    I have another example if so, but it's not as strong because I don't think I had as much involvement as the negotiation.
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    Agree, project is a weird way for the question to be phrased. I would look at it as something you’ve worked in the team to achieve. I think the key skills that need to come through are teamwork, coordination, organisation, listening to different views, taking different roles.
    Law firm open day negotiate seems okay to use if you write about it well. I’m not sure if it will focus enough on you.
    Could you use working on a presentation as a group at uni. Or within a society organising something. Or in a paid job working with others to achieve something.
    I’m not usually one to advocate lying, but could you stretch project work in uni on a presentation...
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    Yeah I'd say a negotiation exercise at an insight day is a bit of a stretch for this question.

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