Tips on converting the vac scheme to a TC offer

Discussion in 'Vacation Scheme Discussion' started by Jaysen, Jun 4, 2018.

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    General tips:

    • Be interested/enthusiastic about the work and ask thoughtful questions when it’s appropriate.
    • Be sincere and a nice person to the other interns (even if others are trying to be competitive)/secretaries/trainees etc.
    • Show you’ve taken feedback on board.
    • Manage expectations if you’ve been given too much work; it’s much better to do less work of a higher quality than trying to work for everyone.
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    thank you for these tips jaysen! based on your last point about work - are there any resources that people have used before that have been handy, eg. PLC/ Westlaw, especially for a non-law student? just found out that my seats are in pensions and projects - i've been reading around the subjects but if anyone has any specific resources that they used on their vac schemes in those two areas id be grateful to learn more!

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