Vacation Scheme Task Simulation - Launching on Monday 19 July 2021!


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Hey everyone,

    Over the past month, TCLA’s operations team and I have been designing a completely new programme, our first-ever vacation scheme task simulation, for Gold members and scholarship candidates.

    Based on real vacation scheme tasks, this simulation is unique because:
    • You’ll learn to think about how you approach vacation scheme tasks, including the clarity of your writing, the quality of your proofing, and the structure of your answers.

    • By practising answers to mock tasks that are based on the most commonly-tested commercial topics, you will rapidly accelerate your technical knowledge.

    • You will receive personal and practical 1:1 feedback on your work.

    • You will learn from each other in a supportive environment. Rather than completing the whole scenario on your own, each of you will have the opportunity to read and learn from each others’ answers.
    I’m excited! I think this is the best case study we have ever produced, and in addition to the personal feedback you’ll receive by posting, we’ll also:
    • issue a TCLA certificate to everyone who attempts an answer;
    • refund a month’s Gold subscription for the highest-effort posts; and
    • issue Amazon Gift Cards to particular posters across the course of the simulation.
    We’ve designed this simulation for anyone to be able to attempt the questions, so please don’t feel you aren’t ‘qualified’ to participate. There are no silly questions or answers, and in fact - there are multiple answers to each question.

    To participate, simply log into your forum account. Once logged in, request access to the Gold members only forum and you'll find instructions on how to get started. We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

    PS: For the first time, we're also allowing 2021 forum winners from this thread to join in this month, as a thank you for your supportive participation. If that's you, you can also request access to the Gold members only forum in July.
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