What’s the timeline like for training contracts?

Discussion in 'Applications Discussion' started by D.Cole, Apr 12, 2019.

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    I’m currently applying for training contracts having failed to secure any spring and summer vacation schemes. I’m a little concerned, though, that it’s too late to apply for TCs - that you need to apply for deadlines in the autumn/winter and unless you are truly exceptional (ie worked in a high powered finance role and are now switching to law or something) it’s unlikely you’ll be offered an interview now. Indeed, I applied for two silver circle firms two months ago and haven’t heard anything.

    Does anyone know if my concerns are unfounded? What is the timeline for training contracts like? Do they tend to review on a rolling basis and get back to you within a few weeks or do they leave it until summer, once they’ve done all their vac schemes? Has anyone heard back from any firms?

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