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    I've just started working on my Hogan Lovells application. On their Apply4Law page there are options to apply for winter/summer VS, TC, and the "HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub Gold Programme".

    According to another page on their website, the Gold Programme is

    "For those in their penultimate year and onwards looking to secure either a vacation scheme or training contract.

    • Gain in-depth knowledge about our key practice groups
    • Gather nsights into how we develop relationships with our clients and how we win work
    • Develop skills such as business writing and how to ace a case study interview
    • Learn how to successfully navigate your two-year training contract
    Secure an automatic place on a vacation scheme or training contract assessment day"​

    Does anyone know what this is (seems like some InsideSherpa style stuff?) and how it differs from directly applying for a VS? It does not allow me to create an application to apply to both the Gold Programme and a VS/TC.
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  2. OliviaBurn

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    This is stated on their FAQs:

    "We have created a suite of virtual commercial awareness programmes tailored specially for first-year students, vacation scheme and training contract candidates (second year students to graduates) and those holding offers of training contracts. The HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub gives students the opportunity to develop their commercial awareness skills in line with our award winning HL BaSE programme which has been successfully run for our first year trainee solicitors for a number of years. We now want to make it available to a wider range of people who are interested in a career with Hogan Lovells.

    The HL BaSE Legal Learning Hub will give a group of pre-selected students the opportunity to learn about the bespoke HL BaSE programme developed for our trainees and the work they do with social enterprise clients and to also learn more about life at Hogan Lovells. In particular the programme helps participants to learn about the range of practice areas on offer at Hogan Lovells and to demonstrate how our lawyers work with clients to deliver exceptional client care and contribute to the success of their businesses. Participants in the programme will come away with enhanced knowledge of commercial awareness and will develop valuable client care skills as well as knowledge of how to effectively work internally with colleagues. The programme will also cover diversity and wellbeing, how we work with our trainees to deliver a tailored training contract including seat planning, secondments and the SQE.

    In practical terms the programme uses presentations, interactive workshops and case studies to demystify law, develop commercial awareness, develop knowledge of client relationship and negotiation skills and to learn about how Hogan Lovells responds to changing and unpredictable global events that impact business.

    First year students who demonstrate exceptional talent on the first-year module will be invited to attend our two-day First Year Insight Event and second year students to graduates who have made an exceptional contribution on the second-year to graduate module will be selected for fast tracking to vacation scheme or training contract assessment days.

    Students should refer to our website for further information about the programme and how to apply."
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  3. Hannah O

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    Perhaps, you cannot complete both HLBase and VS apps at the same time on the Apply4Law platform?

    You could clarify this point with graduate recruitment to see if it is possible to apply for both.
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  4. h1

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    Hi, I think you can apply for both, you just have to do two separate applications. So once you've done the HL BaSE one, you can go back into the Apply4Law platform and start a new application for your preferred vacation scheme.
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    Does anyone know if the minimum a level requirement for vac schemes / tc applies to this as well?
  6. B1806

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    I just finished my BaSE Legal Learning Hub Gold application and am now trying to open a vac scheme app, but Apply4Law is now telling me that:
    There are no options available for you to apply for (deadlines may have passed).

    I've logged in and out and that doesn't seem to change anything. I'm completely unable to apply for anything now.
    Did anyone have the same problem immediately after applying (bear in mind I applied some 10 minutes ago so it might change after a while)?
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