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Which firms are harsh on academics?


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Dec 8, 2021
Hi everyone,

I just graduated from a London RG university with a mid-2.1 overall. I have a 2.2 in my final year so I am really concerned with how this will look in my application. Are there any firms notoriously harsh on grades that I should avoid? I understand academic results are not considered in isolation but I do hope to get some heads-up before starting to write applications.

I have done some searches on this forum and many mentioned US firms and MC firms. Are there any exceptions within these two groups? Any other firms that are harsh on academics?



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Oct 25, 2021
67% or higher.
Hi @Romiras,

Thank you for your input here. How would you quantitively define a high 2.1?
I've always taken a high 2:1 to mean above 65% so somewhere between 66-69. Just to add that if you have mitigating circumstances or other context that may explain a lower grade, then you have to take this into account too- don't let the high 2:1 requirement deter you from applying in such a case!
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