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Aug 9, 2023
I have however a general query about the differences and benefits of Winter vs. Summer vacation schemes when it comes to securing a training contract offer. I've done some research but could use some insights from those in the know.

Specifically, I'm curious if there's an advantage to participating in summer schemes over the winter ones in terms of enhancing the likelihood of obtaining a training contract offer. I've noticed that summer schemes tend to be longer in duration and are more commonly offered across firms, which leads me to wonder if they might hold a higher priority.

I've also come across information suggesting that winter schemes are often more tailored to third-year/ older students. As a second-year student, I'm wondering if this could potentially reduce my chances of receiving an offer through a winter scheme and whether it might be wiser to aim for the summer schemes instead, especially considering the limitation of being able to apply for only one scheme.

Given these factors, as a second-year student, when applying to a firm that offers both winter and summer schemes, which one would you recommend I apply for? I apologize for bombarding you with questions, but I'm finding it a bit challenging to gather relevant information online.

Any wisdom and insights on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Aug 1, 2019
No matter what anyone tells you, there are no general better chances of securing one type of scheme over the other. That really varies from firm to firm, eligibility criteria and even the dates the schemes run.

You may find you are not eligible for winter schemes as a second year, so always double check what you can apply to.

If you are eligible for both programmes with a firm, just weigh up what works best for you timing wise with your other commitments.
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