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  1. KS94
    KS94 Jessica Booker
    Also, every thread I go into there's always a super helpful response from you and it's been a huge help in answering tons of burning questions of mine - a massive thank you for sharing your insights!
  2. KS94
    KS94 Jessica Booker
    Hi Jessica,

    I managed to secure some vacation schemes in 2018 but have had little success in recent cycles. I think my answers are strong but I think there is a possibility that my extenuating circumstances for my A-level grades might be a hindrance. Do you have any tips on how best to navigate the mit circs section in terms of wording?
    1. Jessica Booker
      Jessica Booker
      Do you want to PM me with details of your ext Circs?
      Mar 26, 2020 at 6:07 PM
  3. VSH
    VSH LuNo
    Hi there - I saw on the thread that you have a first stage interview at Bristows. I was wondering when you found out about this? I received an email two weeks ago saying that partners were reviewing my video interview and wondered how long it took for them to reply after this? Thanks and best of luck with your interview!!!!
    1. LuNo
      Hi! I completed my video interview maybe a week after submitting my application (so very early on). I received the same email as you about the partners reviewing it on March 5th and I have been invited to the first stage interview on Friday (13th) early morning. I know someone who got rejected before I got my invite so could be positive if you have not heard back yet? Not sure but hope this helps! Thank you so much!
      Mar 16, 2020
  4. Annie Tam
    Annie Tam
    Final year, law
  5. Annie Tam
    Annie Tam
    Final year, law.
  6. Suhail Mayor
    Suhail Mayor Jaysen
    Hi Jaysen,

    I have messaged you on Linkedin about this, apologies if you read the same thing twice! As you have interviewed with Arnold & Porter, are you aware as to if they sponsor international students? I have not been able to find any information online, graduate recruitment have also not gotten back to me. The application does ask if you require a visa to work in the UK.

    Kind regards,
    1. Jaysen
      Hi Suhail - wish I could help but I'm afraid I didn't interview at Arnold & Porter - the post you saw was likely me posting on behalf of an anonymous candidate! In terms of whether they sponsor international students, your best bet for a response would be to call them :)
      Mar 8, 2020
    AMAN INANI Jessica Booker
    Hi Jessica,

    I am a practicing lawyer in India and I have cleared my MCT exam under QLTS Scheme. I also got LLM offer from the UK university.
    So with this aforesaid qualification, after my LLM can I apply and get a training contract before clearing my OSCE exam?

    Aman Inani
    1. Jessica Booker
      Jessica Booker
      If you are looking to take the QLTS, then a training contract would not be appropriate for you as you would have qualified
      Feb 27, 2020
  8. T102093
    T102093 Josie
    Hi Josie, I saw that you recently did an assessment centre at Simmons and Simmons. I have mine next week and I was wondering if you had any advice or tips on how it went? X
  9. Rhiannon
    Secured a Vacation Scheme at Deloitte
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  10. Christina_1213
    Christina_1213 Karin
    Hi Karin, I saw that you did PWC career conversation. Would you mind telling me the format, types of questions they ask and any suggestions you have regarding it? Thank you so much!
  11. elgeb
    elgeb CJM.UC
    Hi! I was wondering whether I could contact you about your MoFo interview? Just for some general advice :) I've just been offered one, and this will be my first interview I'm a little nervous but also excited! Thanks in advance :)
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    2. CJM.UC
      Hi! Congrats!

      Be prepared to answer a lot of competency questions and talk a lot about your interest in the firm. I am a law student so I was asked one technical question.
      Feb 14, 2020
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    3. elgeb
      Feb 18, 2020
  12. Mishal
    Mishal J Wu
    Hi! Congrats on Dechert's AC! I have my VI this week and was wondering if you have any tips for it and what questions came up?
  13. Mishal
    Mishal Sergiulix
    Hi! congrats on Dechert's AC! I have my VI over the weekend and was wondering you have any tips and what questions came up?
  14. Lawgrad1417
  15. Lawgrad1417
    I have an assessment centre for squire patton boggs and wanted to know abit more regarding the presentation
  16. Lawgrad1417
  17. James Kitching
    James Kitching
    MSci Biochemist pursuing corporate law.
  18. KB7817
    KB7817 Maral
    Hello! I've seen from posts from last year that you had an AC at AG last year. I have an AC coming up on Monday and would be incredibly grateful for any advice that you can give, particularly any obscure questions / details on the case study. Thanks so much :)
  19. Mishal
    Mishal Elizabeth@1999
    Hi, Elizabeth. Hope you are well! I saw your post regarding Macs AC and was wondering if you were able to get through? Do you have any tips for the in-tray exercise?
  20. Jaypes3
    Jaypes3 EJ
    Hi EJ,

    I trust you are well. Congrats on securing an AC at Burges!

    I applied and unfortunately did not make the cut this year. Felt as if I had a strong application and I am not sure where I went wrong. I would really appreciate if you could let me see your answers to the application to get a feel of what they are after? My email is
    Thanks in advance!!