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    "Discuss a commercial news" question

    Hi, If a law firm asks to discuss commercial news and why it interests us, do we have to explain the impact on the firm as well or is it not necessary as it is not asked? The word limit is 250 words.
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    Anyone heard back from Clyde & Co post-VI?

    Hi, unfortunately, yes since the assessment centre was from the end of jan to the 10th of February.
  3. Emilia Hdsn.

    Hi Nalle, Sure. I am happy to answer any question that you have :)

    Hi Nalle, Sure. I am happy to answer any question that you have :)
  4. Emilia Hdsn.

    Introduction of a new law

    Thank you both!
  5. Emilia Hdsn.

    Introduction of a new law

    Hi , I wanted to know whether the "if you could introduce a new law what it would be and why?" question always has to be commercial-related? Or does it depends on the firm? Do you think that I can ask to the graduate recruitment team to be sure? Thanks,
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    EVERSHEDS Application question

    Thank you, do you think that I should as well delegate some work that they are chasing me on, or not?
  7. Emilia Hdsn.

    EVERSHEDS Application question

    Hi guys, The question seems simple but I am struggling with the "being chased on something that you have not started" part. Here is the question: " You are working on a query for a new client, which has to be responded to tomorrow morning. You were told it was important as Eversheds...
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    Spelling mistake in Application forms

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience of making a spelling mistake and still getting through? Moreover, does anyone also know the spelling policy of A&O? (Do they throw your application into the bin if they see one mistake?) In my work experience section, I wrote: "organized" instead of...
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    Applying skills to trainee role

    Thank you for your answers, Jessica and Shannon.
  10. Emilia Hdsn.

    Applying skills to trainee role

    Hi everyone, This might seems obvious for some of you, but i struggle to understand what are suppose to answer when law firms ask the question "how would you apply your skills to a trainee role in order to be successful". If for instance, i am talking about communication skills, am i suppose...
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    CV work experience sections

    Hi, I am applying for Firms with CV Applications, however, i was wondering whether you think that i can be automatically rejected if my CV makes one page and a half? The reason for this length is my work experience section ( i have listed 5 work experiences) Thank you.
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    Bonjour from France :)

    Thank you Jaysen and Dheepa :)
  13. Emilia Hdsn.

    Bonjour from France :)

    Hi everyone, My name is Emilia, i am a french native (born in Paris) but have lived in the UK for 5 years now. One thing about me? I love "Mamma mia" and can watch it 10 times, and i hate cheese (i know a french that hate cheese is horrible don't kill me ahah). Apart from that, i graduated...
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    I literally agree with what FS said. While i am thinking about doing the SQE later. I can talk to you about my experience juggling as a paralegal and LLM Student. I worked as a paralegal this year in Paris and studied for my UK LLM both full-time and at the same time. While i still achieved a...

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