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    BPP Accelerated LPC (Consortium firms)

    Thank you for asking this question - I was literally going to post about it as I am feeling similarly confused about whether to make notes and how to best process the material
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    Accelerated LPC Experience (esp in Covid)

    I did now but guess it is quite late! There are 2 weeks for Easter with some practical skills exams right after.
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    Ask A Graduate Recruiter Anything!

    I completely agree. I had mostly non-legal work experience and uni society positions and had one 4-day long vacation scheme that I mentioned in my work experience section. It did not really come up anywhere else, not in my app or interviews, as it was quite simple and didn't give me that much. I...
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    The Quarantine Revision Thread 2020

    Thanks for this - gonna use it to plan my revision now!
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    Two Questions About Becoming a Paralegal

    Hi Kola, These answers are my personal opinions and how I would do it, so please take it with a pinch of salt. 1. It is perfectly fine to work for firm B during the summer, training contracts are independent of other jobs and there is nothing preventing you from working (anywhere) before you...
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    LLM at London Universities (particularly at LSE)

    Hi, I think it really depends on other applicants and how many applications they get. Sometimes people apply even in May and it is fine while other times they select all candidates in March. As per the grades, I think it really depends - what did they tell you? When I applied to UCL, I got a...
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    LLM - Personal Statement

    Hi isobelhowe, I think I shared most of my tips here , however, if you still need help please drop me a message! :)
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    Gap year before TC - Paralegal/LLM

    I agree with @Jessica Booker and @Alice G - it really depends on what you enjoy and what your aspirations are! From personal experience, I can see that there are benefits to working as a paralegal, working at a different job, or doing the LLM. I am due to start TC next year and I worked as a...
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    Advice for LLM Personal Statements

    Where they don't provide specific guidance, I always recommend going for full sentences rather than using bullet points, as it allows you to showcase your ability to write well and in a concise manner. I also think it shows that you took your time with the application!
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    Advice for LLM Personal Statements

    You are not late at all! When I applied, I applied in the second half of February I believe and they were accepting application long into April/May. It depends on the year and how many people apply, but I think as long as you get it in by the end of February/March you should be fine!
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    Accelerated LPC Experience (esp in Covid)

    This is very helpful, thanks a lot! It would be great to know whether there was some kind of "Easter break" as you get with Christmas, but I think I will have to get in touch with BPP directly once my application is accepted. Thanks again!
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    Accelerated LPC Experience (esp in Covid)

    Hi guys! I have a question about the term dates of the Accelerated LPC at BPP as they are very difficult (if not impossible) to find online. I am due to start the LPC in February 22 and I really need to know at least approximately whether there is any break throughout the course - be it even...
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    why this firm?

    I agree with Jaysen but feel that with DLA Piper it is possible to highlight their pro bono work as they are known to have an "army of pro bono lawyers" and are quite known in this regard. If you do so, however, make sure you can explain what is it specifically about their pro bono practice you...
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    Herbert Smith Freehills App

    If it helps, I applied last year for the Spring Vac Scheme on 25 November and received the Assessment Centre invite on 31st January, with the AC being on 13th February. While some things might have changed from last year, there is no need to panic as it takes them a long time to review all of...
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    Advice for LLM Personal Statements

    Yes, exactly agree! There are some questions on the LLM application page where they tell you what they want to hear from you. But as James says, mention all these things but make sure to explain why YOU want to be at UCL and why YOU would be a good fit!