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    TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2021-22 (#1)

    Defo agree. I think stronger candidates were offered the AC choices first, irrespective of whether they applied to the spring or summer scheme. I don’t want to read too deep into the holding e-mails either. I assume I’ve been PFOd - better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Love the...
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    Reed Smith LLP Video Interview

    Anyone received an update?
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    Reed Smith LLP Video Interview

    Do you guys also think the VI extension has something to do with AC offers - could it be help those who submitted before extension heard back quicker?
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    Reed Smith LLP Video Interview

    Ahhhh thank you. I got the same e-mails - I applied for Summer, so maybe the Summer Apps got the e-mail. Hopefully more people will reply in the other thread :)
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    Reed Smith LLP Video Interview

    Hi guys, did anyone get two follow-up emails or one? I’m hearing different things
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    Reed Smith LLP Video Interview

    I’d say definitely reach out! Perhaps ask for an update on your application or if they can confirm your VI has been received.
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    Reed Smith LLP Video Interview

    Hey! Has anyone heard anything back yet Or know a rough time frame when we will?

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