1. L

    Mishcon de Reya - Vacation scheme.

    Good afternoon everyone, I've just received my first ever invite to a vacation scheme with Mishcon de Reya. I wondered if anyone who has completed a vac scheme with MDR previously had any advice they would be happy to pass on. It would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, L
  2. H

    Didn't secure a TC/backup plans?

    Apologies if this type of post comes up often, but I am looking for some advice on my current situation (which I'm sure many others have also experienced!). I'm a career changer (approaching 30) and I am entering my last year of an accelerated LLB at a non-London based Russell Group uni. I am...
  3. Jessica Booker

    TCLA Direct Training Contract Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23

    Hi everyone, With a new recruitment cycle starting in the next few weeks, we thought it best to start a new master thread to discuss direct training contract applications for the 2022-2023 application cycle. Useful Links TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23 | The...
  4. lawnoob

    Commercial awareness and reading the news

    Hi everyone, I've been struggling with being up to date on the news and expanding my commercial awareness. I get overwhelmed by the amount of daily news, it takes up a lot of my time to read all the news updates, and I fail to recall most of what I've read after. How do you approach reading...
  5. lawnoob

    Books for insight into being a solicitor/corporate law

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have book recommendations for an insight into working in commercial law as a solicitor? There are lots of books for thinking like a lawyer but many discuss the life of a barrister and not so much commercial solicitor in a corporate environment. Would appreciate any...
  6. lawnoob

    Gaining industry work experience

    I'm currently gaining experience in a BD assistant role at a law firm, however it is only a temporary role and I would like to gain more industry experience- thinking of maybe going for a role at my ideal law firm's key client companies? I've had a look at job boards for these key clients but...
  7. lawnoob

    WFH general tips?

    Not sure if this kind of thread/conversation has already happened but I haven't found it on this forum, so thought I'd start a thread for tips and maybe advice for WFH since it can be a bit different to actually going into work :) Are there any recommended WFH etiquette things that are probably...
  8. L

    Covid 19 and safety net policies

    Good afternoon all, I'm currently an LPC student at Ulaw and am looking for some advice. I did the GDL in the pandemic and decided to go straight on to the LPC just to get it done so I can start working. I've done about 12 vac scheme applications this cycle and been rejected from all of them...
  9. T

    LLM Grades Question

    Hello everyone, I am currently completing an LLM at a top 3 UK university. I have a first class LLB degree from a top 15 UK university and some relevant legal experience. I am on track to achieving a merit overall (there’s still a chance it could be a very high pass), but my grades are most...
  10. James Carrabino

    Weekly Application Pitfalls

    Hi everyone! In addition to my role as a community manager helping to address the queries of our lovely community members on the forum, I have also worked as part of TCLA's application review team to offer feedback on many of the applications that our members send in for review. As December...
  11. joannalonergan

    Mishcon de Reya Vacation Scheme

    Hi everyone, I'm a non-law graduate and I have a (virtual) VS with MdR (one of my absolute dream firms) next week. I'm quite new to all this (I did my first vacation scheme last week and it seems a very different 'vibe' to the MdR VS), but I'm so keen to make the most of the scheme. I know we...
  12. chichi

    No vacation schemes secured

    Hi guys, I'm quite new around here and I'd really appreciate some guidance. I'm a second-year Law student on a 3-year course. Admittedly, I did apply to the vac schemes late but I sent in a decent amount of applications, rejected from 4 so far, and not feeling that confident about the rest, at...
  13. A

    Ask a Future Magic Circle (Allen & Overy) Trainee Anything!

    Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I recently joined TCLA's Forum Team. Having used TCLA since I started applications back in 2019, this is such a wonderful opportunity to give back to a great platform and a wonderful community. Just some background information about me: I am a...
  14. Jacob Miller

    Ask 3 future trainees (Magic & Silver Circle, International Elite) ANYTHING! *New TCLA Team Members*

    Hi all! Let me introduce myself: I'm Jacob, and, alongside @Naomi U and @Dheepa I've just joined TCLA as part of the forum team. This thread will be an AMA for all three of us! By way of introduction, I'm a future trainee at Travers Smith LLP (commencing Sept '23) and I'm currently in my final...
  15. G

    Career Change Success Stories

    Hey all, hope you're doing well! I'm a career changer looking to move into law after three years of working in unrelated industries and hopefully will be embarking on the GDL in January. The only thing is, I'm very very nervous it won't pan out. It feels like for every story I hear about a...
  16. C

    Baker McKenzie Video Interview

    Hi all, Been invited to the video interview stage at Bakers for a TC! :D I really struggled in applications for VS's this year so I want to do really well in this if possible. Has anyone got any tips specific to the Bakers VI? I've only ever done video interviews for vacation schemes before -...
  17. TM

    Working Experience Section in Applications

    Hello all, After some reflection post-application cycle, I realised that I might have approached the 'working experience' section incorrectly. I usually would write about my role including the duration and nature of the work, then would list the tasks performed in bullet points. How do you do...
  18. B

    Training contract or vacation scheme

    Hi guys, I’m going to be starting my LPC next year. I took a year out of graduation to gain some work experience. However, now I’m curious if it would make sense to apply for a vacation scheme first then a training contract for the next intake instead of this current intake. My work...
  19. A

    TC Question

    Hi, does anyone know where to go with the question for BWB: In 2015 BWB became the first UK law firm to be awarded a B Corp status. If successful, how would you help the firm continue to be a socially responsible organisation? Is it more about CSR or pro bono?
  20. J

    Charles Russell Speechlys TC app help!

    So, I am applying to CRS for their training contract, and I am stuck on the question: Describe the market perception of Charles Russell Speechlys in your own words. (250) I have begun answering it by distinguishing their competitors in my view Baker McKenzie and Macfarlanes? And I then go on...

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