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assesment centre

  1. L

    Bird & Bird Trainee Trademark Attorney AC

    I've been invited to Bird & Bird's AC for a Trainee Trademark Attorney position. I was just wondering what I could expect (e.g., will it follow the same structure as ACs for a traditional TC?) and just any advice generally as I've never completed an AC. Also wondering approximately how many they...
  2. A

    Overanalysing an AC or VI?

    I thought to leave some advice which I found helped me stop overanalysing or stressing over a completed VI or Assessment centre: 1) Allow yourself to feel disappointed after a bad experience: It’s okay to feel negative feelings when you feel things didn't go to plan. This is much better than...
  3. baileyjozef

    Allen & Overy Winter Vac Scheme 2022

    Hey all was just wondering if anyone had a rough idea how long A&O generally take to get back to you following assessment days? Had mine last Wednesday (12th October) but can’t find any consensus as to when I should stop expecting a call and just assume the worst. Thanks!
  4. S

    KMPG LAW Assessment Centre

    Has anyone done an assessment centre with KMPG? Do you think it's worthwhile training at an ABS, also with the SQE route?
  5. S

    Baker McKenzie AC 2021

    Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone here’s done the Baker McKenzie assessment centre this year and if so what your experience of it was ie. what sort of issues/questions did you come across in your case study/competency interview, document checking exercise and group exercise? Any...
  6. D

    Updating a submitted application to show incoming vacation schemes

    Hello, This is my first time applying for vacation schemes and training contracts, so I do not have any vacation scheme experience. I recently heard back from a top 20 firm that I have gained a vacation scheme place with them this summer. I have been putting this as an incoming vacation scheme...

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