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  • Aug 2, 2021
    I thought to leave some advice which I found helped me stop overanalysing or stressing over a completed VI or Assessment centre:

    1) Allow yourself to feel disappointed after a bad experience: It’s okay to feel negative feelings when you feel things didn't go to plan. This is much better than simply brushing off or repressing negative feelings. So rather than leaning into toxic positivity or numbness, take time to reflect on the experience.

    2) Talk about it: It's important to release it from your mind, so maybe talk to a family member or friend about the experience. This will help you gain further perspective on the situation. Journalling can also help here.

    3) Reframe your mindset to acknowledge your efforts: any form of progression is still an achievement in a tc or vacation scheme application process. Every time you complete a stage in an application process, you have made significant progress and should feel proud. It is not easy to complete any stage of the application process, so celebrating yourself and acknowledging your efforts at every stage is important.

    4) Reflect on the experience to see areas where you did well and where you need to improve: take time to reflect on what you did well and any areas you feel you can improve on. This will help refocus your mind and help you prepare for the future.

    5) Do something fun: finally, to take your mind off the whole experience, try distracting yourself by doing something you enjoy. This could be a walk, baking or hanging out with friends. Doing something completely different (even just for 30 mins) can really help reenergize and motivate you.

    If anyone else has more tips, leave them below :)
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    Jessica Booker

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    Aug 1, 2019
    Thank you for this great post @aga7324.

    One of the things I also recommend is that for every "negative" thought you have, force yourself to balance it out with something you think you did do well, even if it is something that seems quite small/insignificant. Being self-aware is such a crucial quality for any trainee, and being able to identify the good is just as important as identifying what could be improved.

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