1. James Carrabino

    James's Weekly Interview Insights

    Hi everyone! I have created a weekly thread about my personal experiences with different components of the interview process but I will start by giving a bit of background about myself and my journey. After growing up in London, I attended university in the United States for my undergraduate...
  2. Jaysen

    What are you struggling with the most right now?

    Hey everyone, I'm beginning this series of monthly check-ins to make sure I understand what you need the most help with right now. I want to then make sure that we are focusing on the right things that would be most useful to you. In time, I will zoom in on particular areas (e.g...
  3. Jacob Miller

    Foundations of Commercial Law: Practice Areas, Firm Groups and Applications *Monday Article Series*

    Introduction Something we’re very proud of at TCLA is the vast breadth and depth of advice that candidates have contributed to the forum. That doesn’t necessarily suit everyone, though – indeed, it can even be somewhat intimidating to those who are new to the world of commercial law. Maybe...
  4. Jacob Miller

    Definitive Guide to Assessed Negotiations! *Monday Article Series*

    Hi All! Please see below my Guide to Assessed Negotiation Exercises at Assessment Centres and during Vacation Schemes. This guide has been built from my own experiences of assessed and real-world negotiations as well as having consulted with Grad Rec specialists. This is also the first in a...
  5. Nat000

    Funniest/Stupidest Thing You've Said in an Interview?

    There's a similar thread on TSR which I found quite entertaining, so I thought I might as well start one here and see if it gets off the ground! I can start with a contribution to the 'stupidest thing you've said' side. Had an interview in January where the partner and I started discussing...
  6. Y

    Six things I learnt by applying for training contracts for six years

    As we are in the midst of application season, I thought I would share what I learnt in my journey to obtain a training contact. I started applying for training contracts during my second year of university, in 2013. I received a training contract offer this year, in 2018. I write this in the...
  7. yanerlim

    Hearing Back from Firms + AC & Interview Tips Share - 2018 - 2019

    As interviewing and AC season is coming upon us, I wanted to start a thread for us to share whether we have heard back about any successful applications, as well as provide each other support and tips for upcoming interviews and ACs! So far I have only heard back from rejections and waiting for...
  8. yanerlim

    Assessment Centre Tips

    Hello, I have gone to a few assessment centres but never got offered a training contract. Every time I receive feedback, it's because "my answers are not in-depth enough". Was wondering if anyone can share your assessment centre experiences and concrete tips on writing tests and presentation...

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