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  1. G

    SQE Law Essentials ULaw

    Hi everyone, I’ve quickly checked that this has not been asked before, but do direct me to a thread where it has been if that’s the case. I’m considering self-funding the SQE foundation course at ULaw. Is there anyone here who has already taken it? I’d love to have a chat if so!
  2. L

    Unsure where I stand. LPC or SQE?

    I appreciate this may be a really niche situation. I have contacted the SRA, however I am still awaiting a reply. I am a non-law graduate who works at a law firm (currently on maternity leave). Back in July 2021 I secured a training contract and I am in a very privileged position as my employer...
  3. Armiie

    Would it be possible to study Law in the US?

    I'm currently a Computer Science student. I'll be doing the SQE after my degree with the hopes of becoming a corporate lawyer in a MC firm. What's the process for a student to be able to legally practice law in the US, specifically states like New York? Is it possible? Or do you need to go to a...
  4. Armiie

    Getting an internship as a non-law student

    Hi, hope this finds you well :) I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to get a legal internship at a MC / any other firm? I don't study law, I study computer science. But I am planning on going into law after my degree. I have heard conflicting things. - some say I CANNOT get a legal...
  5. Armiie

    Everyone's saying it's over for me & I haven't even began my journey

    Hello, I hope this long post finds you well during such tough times. I'd truly appreciate any advice. I'm 19 and currently studying Computer Science at a non-RG University. My goal has always been to eventually go into law, but following some difficult times during & after my A levels, I...
  6. L

    Australian/non-UK applicants

    Hi everyone! I am a non-law (Australian) citizen looking to apply for Vac Schemes/TCs in the UK. I was wondering whether anyone has a list compiled as to firms that are willing to sponsor students seeking to move to the UK despite studying in a non-UK university? I note that it's been...
  7. G

    Career Change Success Stories

    Hey all, hope you're doing well! I'm a career changer looking to move into law after three years of working in unrelated industries and hopefully will be embarking on the GDL in January. The only thing is, I'm very very nervous it won't pan out. It feels like for every story I hear about a...
  8. A

    First year non-law grades

    Hey guys, I wanted to quickly ask a question about the importance of grades in vac scheme applications at MC/SC and US firms. I'm currently a first year non-law student at a RG university, and have averaged a 68 in first year which i'm really happy with. However I have only achieved 41 in an...
  9. James Kitching

    Resources other than FT/TCLA?

    Hi all, In September (should this quarantine subside) I will going into the final year of my science degree, I intend to use this summer to really get up to speed with the seemingly essential knowledge for these assessment centres. My query is, aside from the FT/TCLA posts and the Jake Schogger...

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