vacation schemes

  1. ScoUting

    My TC Journey (with many fingers crossed) (UPDATE: 2 TC offers)

    Hi all, This is my second cycle so I am quite late to this accountability thread, but the best time to start is now. I am currently a Paralegal in-house, looking to secure a Training Contract in private practice. So far: I have managed to reach 2 assessment centers, and 1 interview for...
  2. Mohamed Ashour

    Ashour's Journey to a TC

    Ashour's Journey to a TC I'm glad to be joining TCLA today and Kick start my plan to a TC as of today I'll be applying to NRF, CMS and Ashurst with the latter being my first choice I planned my application and chose deadlines to each app NRF = 10th of NOV CMS= 25th of NOV Ashurst= 15th of DEC...
  3. Jessica Booker

    TCLA Vacation Scheme Applications Discussion Thread 2022-23

    With some firms opening their applications for winter, spring and summer schemes in the coming weeks, we thought it was time to open a new thread for a new application cycle. Please use this master thread to discuss anything related to vacation scheme applications for the 2022-2023 application...
  4. Jessica Booker

    Vacation scheme deadlines - 2021

    The forum team thought it would be useful for us to provide a list of upcoming application deadlines for vacation scheme. So here it is... Let me know if there are an errors or changed dates, as this is going by what firms have previously published/marketed. Firms may decide to change their...
  5. S

    List of firms offering winter vacation schemes/opportunities

    What the title says! I looked around and couldn't find a list of firms with winter vac scheme opportunities. I know - Slaughter & May (workshop) - Thrings - Foot Anstley - Allen & Ovary - Clifford Chance (Open day, not VS) - HSF Anyone know of others?
  6. S

    Firms that Offer Winter Vacation Schemes

    Hey all! I've just joined the community and I have to say - I feel very happy to have found this method of support. Anyway, as the title implies, I wanted to see if we could compile a list of firms that offer winter vac schemes! Right now, I 100% know that Slaughter & May do a winter workshop...
  7. I

    Prospects of a TC in London?

    Hi all! I've never posted here before so apologies for being so soppy in my first thread! I would just like some insight on the likelihood of me obtaining a legal career after years of hopeless applications to law firms in London. My first batch of applications were appalling, but have been...
  8. M

    Shoosmiths VC and TC Application

    Hi Guys, I am having a little trouble with answering this question: " In a competitive legal market, how do you think Shoosmiths remains successful and attractive to clients without compromising on profitability? There are many complex issues which may feed into this answer, but we would like...
  9. yanerlim

    Which Law firms do not recruit heavily from Vac Schemes?

    As winter vacation scheme applications are coming to an end, I was wondering if anyone is thinking of applying straight for a TC? If so, information on whether firms recruit heavily from vacation schemes are important to understand the likelihood to be accepted for a TC. Awhile ago, I was...
  10. Y

    Six things I learnt by applying for training contracts for six years

    As we are in the midst of application season, I thought I would share what I learnt in my journey to obtain a training contact. I started applying for training contracts during my second year of university, in 2013. I received a training contract offer this year, in 2018. I write this in the...
  11. S

    Firm updates following submission of applications

    Hi All, Due to popular request we have decided to create a separate thread relating to firm updates following submissions of vac scheme/TC applications this cycle. We hope this thread will make it easier for everyone to keep track of which firms are responding and when. Please feel free to post...

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