£5 Amazon Gift Card for every successful application you submit!


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Share Your Application Here

    To celebrate the launch of our new application database, we are giving a £5 Amazon gift card for every successful application submitted to our database.
    Anyone can submit a successful vacation scheme or training contract application for the database provided it was submitted in 2020 or 2021. In return, you will receive a £5 Amazon Gift Card for every successful application you submit. Each person can submit more than one, although we'll be capping the form at 100 total submissions.⁣⁣
    Our new database for premium members features: ⁣⁣
    - 100+ new applications and covering letters for 60 law firms⁣⁣
    - New work experience sections (appended to the applications)⁣⁣
    - A new navigation and layout so you can easily scan through multiple applications)⁣⁣
    - A filtering system so you can filter between law firms⁣

    Sign up to TCLA premium to get access to our database today!

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