Anyone done Ashurst interview this round?


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Apr 25, 2020
I posted earlier about applying Direct TC to Ashurst in December 2019 and getting an invite to AC December 2020. Seemed random but I took it, and it seems the other candidates in the AC were also 2019 applicants. Normally, Ashurst does an AC with a case study, HR interview, and partner interview on the same day. This time, they did the case study and HR interview on the same day, and only let some people through - I passed, and now my partner interview is Friday. I am just wondering if anyone else has applied this round and has gone through the partner interview already? I know the vacation scheme applicants already did their entire process, so any insight from those folks would be helpful.

I am wondering whether there will be a commercial case study that is discussed in the interview (they haven't said, I've emailed but no response), or if anyone has any previous experience/knows what questions they might ask. I've trawled the internet for past experiences and it seems some people found it quite relaxed, while others found it confrontational and unpleasant - guess it depends on the partners. This may lead to nothing, but better to ask than not, anything to be better prepared! I got some very useful advice for the HR interview from some other members here last I posted.

This will be the fourth time I will have gone to the final stage of the TC process, and the 12th (I think??) time I have gotten past application stage. I am starting to get a bit concerned about my abilities and I really want to nab this one, so any advice would be appreciated. My hope is that this will be the one, because in the past I have fallen down on other parts of the AC (like the group exercise, more difficult case studies, or the vac scheme itself), but never the interview, so...fingers crossed. Whenever I have posted here in the past I've gotten helpful information, so I thought it was worth asking.
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