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    Hi everybody! I have just been informed that I progressed to the phone interview with Bakers. Is there anyone who can share any tips and advice for my preparation? It is my first cycle of applications and my very first interview. What do you think the graduate recruiter is looking for at this stage as opposed to the future interview at the assessment centre? Have you experienced any phone interview before at any law firm? This could give me a broad idea of what kind of questions they might ask me (I guess personal and situational mostly, but who knows...).

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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    Hi Giulia,

    I also have a phone interview with Baker McKenzie scheduled for next Monday, and would appreciate any help!

    How did your one go, and could you share any questions that you were asked? What was the structure of the questions like - are you given thinking time and a time limit for answering as with a VI?

    Also, out of interest, did you undertake a VI beforehand or did they offer a phone interview as an adjustment in place of one? Mine's an adjustment.

    Thank you in advance!

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