Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme 2019


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme 2019

    The interview was with a senior associate and a member of the graduate recruitment team. The interview itself was pretty straightforward for the most part...why law, why Clyde & Co and then a lot of competency questions. I was also questioned a lot about why I gravitated towards disputes over transactional work. A lot emphasis was placed on how I prioritised work, how I managed stress and whether I enjoyed working under pressure.

    For the commercial question I was simply asked to talk about a news story that interested me. They did ask me how the story would effect the firm and how they would be able to capitalise on those developments, so a good understanding of the firms practice areas and international strategy was key.
    The main curveball at the interview was that they gave us a mini case study half-way through without telling us beforehand. It was a pretty typical shipping scenario where a ship caught fire when transporting cargo to the buyer. That's the rough idea. There are a few finicky bits that I forget. I would keep in mind that Clyde & Co's bread and butter is insurance litigation so that should naturally be a big focal point of your discussion. I talked about third party cover, trade credit insurance and fire insurance and then identified the parties that would be involved in the different potential disputes. I asked for a pen and paper to do out a diagram which made it much easier to keep track of who's suing does get a bit confusing otherwise.

    In general it was a pretty standard interview. They clearly had a set list of questions which they wanted to ask. Personally, I did find it a bit difficult to build rapport with the interviewers because it was so rigid.

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