Current issues affecting the business of law firms?

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    Hello everyone,

    First time using this - apologise if I make any silly mistakes.

    I feel like the question I am most afraid of in interviews is 'what current issues do you think our firm is facing?'

    I am unsure how to come up with a good answer to this. If someone could guide me in the right direction i.e. by explaining some current issues that are affecting the business of law firms (preferably not Covid-19 related) it would be very helpful.

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    It will depend on the firm - not all firms will experience the same issues depending on their practice areas, their specialisms, their geographical reach, their client base, their size, their strategy, it’s technology etc...

    The thing about making a good answer is making sure it doesn’t apply to every firm - that is when the answer won’t be good enough. Tailoring you’re answer to the specifics of the firm is important. Given that, I can’t guide you to what answers you may need to consider.

    But for this type of question you may want to think about doing some SWOT or PESTLE analysis to identify what the key parts of the answer for the particular firm.
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