How should a candidate talk about mitigating circumstances?


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Jan 22, 2020
Hi all,

Not sure if this is a FAQ but I thought I'd start a thread. How should a candidate talk about mitigating circumstances?

I thankfully graduated with a 2.1 but life really did me over (as it does to us all). And I've got various mitigating circumstances. I'm not sure what the best way is in declaring this.

What is everyone thoughts on this?


Jacob Miller

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  • Feb 15, 2020
    I agree with Jess' input here.

    At the risk of sounding brutal (although having been in the position of disclosing these circumstances myself), the aim of the game isn't simply to talk about how bad XYZ things were and how tough it all was. You need to retain a level of composure and professionalism, and, as Jess says, the focus ought to be on the tangible impact that the circumstances had on you at the relevant time.

    Keep it relevant, concise and clear - the same rules as apply to applications more generally.
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