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    I’m preparing for an interview and wanted some advice on how you would bring this topic up into your discussion in an interview, if not specifically asked about the future of legal services for example.

    The application forms often will include a question which allows you to discuss this. However, in the interviews I have attended they have tested my skills (eg team-working/ communication examples) through competency questions so I have answered accordingly.

    I am aware it’s important to stand out but unsure how you can if the interviewer is not directing you to talk about this issue and others affecting the legal industry.

    When and where have others brought this into the discussion? Have you been specifically asked questions or have you managed to discuss your knowledge another way?

    Thank you
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    Why do you want Lawtech to be brought up at interview? Do you have particular experience in this area? If so, you can use it in your answers to competency questions. Interviewers could then ask follow up questions.

    If not, and you just want to discuss the subject, you can bring it up if they ask: "Tell me about a news story that interests you?".

    Just note that showing an understanding of Lawtech probably won't stand you out in itself.
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