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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Asmee, Sep 4, 2019.

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    As recruitment season is approaching, I was wondering about the sorts of questions I should be asking to Recruiters/Lawyers.

    What are some of examples of questions that helped you decide on what firms to apply to for training contracts? What type of questions do you recommend regarding the application?

    Aside from researching the firm's website, It's difficult to differentiate the law firm's culture and if it could be a good fit in such a short amount of time talking with recruiters and trainees.

    Anything helps, thanks!
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    I agree it's tough to work out how law firms are different.

    I used to start by researching the website for the firm I wanted to speak to. If I came across areas I wanted to know more about then I'd use that as the basis for a question. When speaking to trainees, I'd ask more personal questions about how they've found their training contract, their hours, stuff they get involved in within the firm etc.

    We recently shared a post on differentiating law firms, which you might find helpful. Try to also understand your audience (e.g. don't ask grad rec technical legal questions or partners about your LPC electives).

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    Hi all, in keeping up with updating the community about upcoming law events, on Eventbrite there are free tickets available for “Jones Day Question Time London” by Graduate Recruitment. To those interested in Jones Day it will give us a good opportunity to meet/network with trainees, associates and partners and find out more about the firm in time for applications:)

    London link (first session):
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    Does anyone know of a list of corporate events that are available to budding trainees? I don't mean Grad rec events as such but corporate talks, lectures, evening events, opportunities to network. I have found quite a few on Eventbrite but these seem to be for senior figures within law firms given the hefty price tag!
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    Legal cheek is free and the events they hold are very informative and helpful!
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