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    Hi guys,

    Bit of an unusual one but having won a competition, I have an upcoming lunch with two of BCLP's American partners.

    I'm currently awaiting the outcome of my application with the firm so would obviously like to make a good impression whilst ensuring I strike the right balance in terms of formality (as it's a lunch not an interview).

    Any advice/tips on how to prepare, questions to ask etc?

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    Hi Olivia,

    First of all congrats! I think I saw this competition myself but cool to see who actually got it.

    Since it will veer towards the informal side I think they will probably want to find out more about you as a person. They will likely ask you the basics such as why do you want to be a lawyer and what you've done so far to get where you are. So maybe just brush up on what you think you might say on those points but I wouldn't rehearse anything either. They might also ask you what sectors/practice areas you're attracted to so have reasons why those areas and be able to talk about those areas somewhat comfortably. However, I do not think the partners will expect you to know everything and, actually, they might be able to teach you a thing or two about your interests, so knowing it all wouldn't be a requirement.

    Potentially knowing the biggest stories in the commercial arena right now would benefit you too, just in case it came up in conversation.

    I would definitely have a list of questions in your head that you want to ask them. I would personally veer towards personal questions. Ask them how they got into law, ask them about their sectors of expertise if you know who they are, ask them how they made it to partner and anything else you genuinely want to find out about them/the firm/about being a commercial solicitor. I wouldn't ask very technical questions unless I had a strong reason to do so, e.g. I wouldn't ask what is the most profitable practice area of the firm, or something like that.

    Hope that helps and enjoy it! It sounds like it will be a good experience.
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    Hi @Olivia178

    I totally agree with all of the above and @Hazal has covered a lot of really sound advice!

    Sitting with two partners is a wonderful opportunity and I think it might even be an idea to seek their guidance in a way - so asking them what qualities they think make a good solicitor and what qualities do they value most in the trainees within their teams? This can really demonstrate your capacity to be self aware and your desire to gain insight into the realities of training in corporate law too.

    Asking what partners value the most about their firm can be a great question too which can often lead to other avenues of discussion.

    I think that's all I really have to add but just have confidence in yourself and just allow conversation to flow naturally. I often pretend at interview that the partners are just family friends I am catching up with, i don't mean to be too informal of course, but just remember they are human with their own lives outside of the law and that they will be just as interested in learning about you as well!

    All the best and many congratulations for winning the competition!! :)
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