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    The Aspiring Lawyer's Guide to Brexit - COURSE 3 IS NOW LIVE!

    Brexit is messy. It’s large in scope, complex and in constant flux. It’s contentious and everyone has an opinion on it. It’s also not leaving the minds of businesses and law firms any time soon.

    That makes Brexit a great topic for interviews, especially group interviews, debate-style questions and as a means to test your broader commercial awareness.

    Our third course, the Aspiring Lawyer's Guide to Brexit, is a roadmap to what you need to know about Brexit for your interviews. It’s structured through a series of interview questions based on the impact of Brexit on businesses and law firms.

    But this course also goes beyond the interview. It’s designed to provide you with a richer understanding of how commercial events impact law firms, both directly and indirectly through their clients.

    Watch the promo video:

    You’ll learn how uncertain events can rock businesses and the financial markets more broadly and you’ll understand how law firms can respond to these scenarios and continue to add value to clients. You’ll learn how the role of a lawyer isn’t limited to mitigating risk, that they serve a crucial role in helping businesses obtain a competitive advantage.

    You’ll come away with an understanding of what financial services firms and corporate clients care about, and how they respond to market events.

    You’ll also learn our top tips for preparing for and handling debate style questions as well as interview interrogations from partners.

    Note: This course is FREE for TCLA Premium subscribers!

    This course covers all the following and more:


    To help teach you the course, we've partnered with Peter Watson, who worked as a stockbroker for 13 years in London and Tokyo, and advised some of the world’s largest financial institutions on investing in the UK, European and Japanese stock markets. He also worked across four recruitment agencies.
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