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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BY19, Feb 27, 2019.

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    Hi Alice

    Thanks for introducing F-LEX, regarding your point about other roles, I have actually been trying to get any legal related roles to build up a legal portfolio but as my professional experience is in events management, recruiters seem to ignore the transferable skills factor, however never say never;)
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    I am going to give you an advice here. It took me 8 months to find a decent job so do not despair also because we are in recession.
    However, my first role was not in the legal industry. I accepted a low skilled job in the insurance sector but that allowed me to: 1) gain an insight in the insurance industry, 2) gain transferable skills, 3) work in an office environment (which is hard) and use it as a leverage to get my first paralegal role less than six months later.

    Please bear in mind that every industry is a step to a training contract.
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    Re F-Lex: the last I'd heard they had paused their onboarding for a month, which I don't believe is up yet (although I could easily be wrong). More, I was onboarded early May and have yet to hear anything from them. It may simply be the case that I am just not suitable for the roles they currently have, but do believe they are quite quiet at the moment.

    Nonetheless, it is definitely worth still applying and you have nothing to lose in being onboarded. Hopefully things pick up soon, but I just wanted to give the headsup not to expect anything too immediate from them. There are also numerous other companies eg Lawyersondemand, which I have read elsewhere on this forum as apparently having greater demand at the moment.
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