Revision and Practice Resources for SQE2


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Apr 2, 2024
I'm sitting SQE2 in October. I have found a few good (paid) resources for revision notes, but I'm struggling to find many practice papers outside of a course. I'm self-funding so would rather save the money if I can. Does anyone have any practice resources they'd recommend please?

Revise4Law (paid) - Recommended by a colleague. They go into plenty of detail which is helpful, but they're not SQE2 specific and practice questions are for SQE1.

SQE2 Student Notes (paid) - Found on Reddit. These were written by an SQE2 student so the notes are more tailored to the assessment which is helpful, and also not a scary length!

For practice papers, the SRA have changed their sample papers to include one Sample Answer instead of two which had a stronger and more marginal pass. My friend who sat SQE2 last year had downloaded the old PDFs and so I've attached them to this post. Sample Bs are super nice for confidence and self-esteem! 😄


  • sqe2-sample-question-case-and-matter-analysis.pdf
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  • sqe2-sample-question-legal-drafting.pdf
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  • sqe2-sample-question-legal-research.pdf
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  • sqe2-sample-question-legal-writing (1).pdf
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