User Focus Group - 6 Months of Free TCLA Premium


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  • Feb 17, 2018
    Hey everyone,

    We're now working on TCLA Premium Version 3.0, which will be the biggest revision to our premium service since we started.

    I'm looking for up to 10 people who would be willing to join a focus group, spending the time to work through our premium content over the next few weeks. You will be asked to complete two surveys as well as join two focus group sessions to chat through your experiences.

    Ultimately, this will be hugely beneficial for me to find out exactly what you like and dislike about TCLA Premium and how we can provide better resources to help you. Everything you say will be taken on board and will be used to shape TCLA Premium. You will also get a first-hand look at our future plans and influence its direction.

    For the people selected, you will receive 6 months of TCLA Premium (bronze), and a £25 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the second focus group. We'll also give you some silver/gold resources in the first month to see what you think.

    As you'll be diving deep into all of our premium resources, this will be perfect for someone who needs an excuse/wants to be held accountable for going through some of our best resources/training. I also hope it'll be a cool project for people who find the inner workings of a business interesting.

    If you are a future trainee, you are also very welcome to apply (I'll likely give you a gift card in lieu of the six months subscription).

    To participate, simply fill out this short Google form. If we have more than 10 people fill out the form, we'll decide based on the question 'why do you want to join this focus group?', as well as the stage you are at currently.

    Thank you!