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Willkie Farr & Gallagher Interview 2021


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Aug 26, 2020
Please state the month/year you interviewed at the firm.
March 2021

Please specify what the interview was for.
Spring Vacation Scheme 2021

Please give an overview of the day with approximate timings.

3 pm Arrival
3-3:20 pm Interview with Two Partners
3:20-3:45 pm Case Study Interview with Two Partners
3:45-4 pm Questions for Partners

Please provide a summary of each assessment on the day with approximate timings.

Partner Interview: The interview only lasted for around 20 minutes and consisted of classic motivational questions. The partners explicitly stated that they were expecting these questions to be well-prepared in advance. They picked up on some minor details I mentioned in my answers and asked me further questions about them, so make sure that you can back up each experience with additional information (e.g. as part of my 'why commercial law' answer, I mentioned an M&A case study I had done during an Open Day. I was asked to say more about this case study and I had to recall the specific deal and its implications).

Case Study Interview: This followed immediately after the partner interview and the interviewers were the same. It was a verbal case study with no time to prepare in advance and the interview lasted for around 25 minutes. The case study appeared on the screen and the interviewers asked questions about how the client should be advised in that situation. They gave me time to think and there was no set answer for most of the questions - they were rather interested in hearing my thought process, and they guided me throughout.

What is your best advice for each aspect of the assessment on the day? Please break this down for each assessment. This can include advice for preparation, as well as tips for the day.

Partner Interview: The most important thing is to prepare the standard motivational questions in detail and to think about any follow-ups that might be asked. Try to stand out from the others by providing unique personal examples to strengthen your motivations. They are interested in getting to know you as a person, and if there is anything that catches their eye, this could lead to a very interesting conversation.

Case Study Interview: I found Alice's M&A case study webinar to be extremely useful for this exercise. You will need to use the law firm department technique when answering the questions. They want to check your understanding of how law firms operate and more specifically, how different departments interact on a deal. I would also recommend reading up on all of the firm's practice areas in London and not just the main ones, and show an awareness of their importance during the case study. Make sure that you take the time to structure your answers before saying them out loud - they take a lot of notes on what you say and you need to make sure that your answer is easy to follow. Make sure you prepare informed questions for the partners - they put a lot of emphasis on this, so try to go beyond very basic questions such as 'Why did you choose Willkie?'.

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