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training contract advice

  1. B

    Need honest opinion on prospects

    Hi, I’m a 2nd year going into 3rd year at Durham Uni. I did awful in 1st year (40%) and worked hard to get a 2:1 this year, but because I bombed one of the exams it’s just about a 2:1 (60.3%). I also swapped out a law module to study Korean which saved my average. In 1st year I did some...
  2. C

    Bad A Levels - will this stop me obtaining a Training Contract

    Hi, To skip to the point, I did terribly in my A-Levels. I achieved CDD. At the time I was going through quite a rough patch and was in somewhat of an emotionally abusive situation. However, I recognise that I am responsible for my own learning and achievements and understand that there is no...
  3. A

    Received a TC offer but have an upcoming Summer VS with my dream firm - what do I do if I am offered one by them later this summer?

    Hi, After a long and gruelling TC process, I have finally had some good luck this year. I recently accepted a VS offer with a firm I love. I can't wait to start with them in June. I will be assessed for a TC during and after this time with them. Obviously, this is no guarantee of anything...
  4. L

    Covid 19 and safety net policies

    Good afternoon all, I'm currently an LPC student at Ulaw and am looking for some advice. I did the GDL in the pandemic and decided to go straight on to the LPC just to get it done so I can start working. I've done about 12 vac scheme applications this cycle and been rejected from all of them...
  5. lawnoob

    How likely will I secure a VS/TC as an international student who studied in the UK?

    I am from Hong Kong (I hold regular HK passport not BNO), but I'd like to work and be a commercial lawyer in the UK. However I'm worried that my chances of being accepted for a VS/TC slim if I am not currently in the UK since they would have to sponsor my visa and that I don't have enough...
  6. D

    Law firm or in-house training contract?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know your opinion about training in private practice vs in-house. I have worked in-house for a few years as a paralegal and I now have a chance to train in a venture capital firm in London. It would be a lot of specialized private equity/asset management work. I...
  7. K

    Ambiguous application questions

    Hi, I'm a final-year law student currently applying for TCs. I stumbled upon an application where the only real 'application question' concerned me as a person and what I have achieved in 600 words. Nothing implied of writing about why I want to work with them specifically, why I want to become...
  8. A

    Ince Gordon Dadds TC application: is it worth it?

    Hello all, I am considering applying for a direct TC for Ince Gordon Dadds. I am interested in them mainly because of their practice areas and because I feel I have somewhat of a foothold with the firm having done an Open Day with them in 2017. But what I have read about online made me...
  9. Clau

    I am worried that I can’t secure a training contract

    Hi guys!!! So I’m in need of some serious help. I felt like I have lost all my motivation this year after what has happened with the pandemic, constantly being rejected for paralegal roles and my mental illness. I am currently in the process of applying for a TC because I missed vacation scheme...
  10. N

    Free Month of TCLA Premium (Bronze) - Every Week From Monday!

    Hi everyone, As some of you may remember, at TCLA we have a tradition of running a weekly giveaway of TCLA Premium subscriptions based on contributions to the forum. As the new year approaches, we'd love to start this again! Therefore, every Monday (starting Monday the 4th of January), the...

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